Art of the Day #97- THE ONE THOUSANDTH POST SPECIAL! [MEGA art of the Day]

We Need a Post NOW! by Sendrax
Source [1]


Can we just take a moment and take that in? ZNN has posted 1000 different articles, with different things in each one. Holy cow. I never anticipated we’d get this far, but I am so glad we did.

I guarantee I would not have been able to do this if it weren’t for the support of my magnificent team, so I think now is a great time to give them some recognition. In art form!

 That’s right, today’s MEGA art of the day is made up of the different members of the ZNN team who have had art made of their characters. A majority of it was done by the INCREDIBLY TALENTED AND AMAZING Quirky-Middle-Child and Sendrax, but there are some other phenomenal artists sprinkled in too, so check out all 70+ images!

And again, thank you all for sticking with us for this long!  We’ll let you know when we hit 2,000!

Get your art after the break!

Artful Dodgers by Quirky-Middle-Child and Sendrax

Commission – Euphonemes by BlockSpiration
Source [3]

Commission- Best Friends by FairysCat
Source [4]

Get Back Here! by Sendrax

Making the Magic by Sendrax
Source [6]

New and Close Friend by Lea-purple-cat
Source [7]

Too Much Music, So Little Sleep by Sendrax

Always Watching by Sendrax

The Wolford Family by Pregoo
Source [10]

In Darkness I Hide by Temiree
Source [11]

Family Photo by [NOTFOUND]
Source [12]

Vigilante Warrior by Latex
Source [13]

Your Time Has Come by Sendraxmon
Source [14]

Beach Combing Beauty by Foxalt
Source [15]

Murana the Widowmaker by Emberlarelle276
Source [16]

Awkward Stinkman by Sendrax

Steven and Shaun by Quirky-Middle-Child

Nathaang by Sendrax

Mega Pokemon by Sendrax

KittyHawk by Sendrax
Source [21]

Movie Night by Sendraxmon
Source [22]

Lynx Glue by Sendrax
Source [23]

Pascal – ALL the expressions! by Quirky-Middle-Child
Source [24]

Pascal Vault Boy by Quirky-Middle-Child
Source [25]

Surrika and Finnick’s First Date (colored) by Kagura_Nitrogat
Source [26]

Kaggy’s Kandies! by Kagura_Nitrogat
Source [27]

Now Listen Here! by Kagura_Nitrogat
Source [28]

Surrika Tunnah! by Quirky-Middle-Child
Source [29]

Football Match by Quirky-Middle-Child
Source [30]

Wall Run by Sendrax
Source [31]

Commission for Fonzi by Steampoweredfoxes
Source [32]

Reflect by Sendrax
Source [33]

Paper Max with Hammer by DrummerMax64
Source [34]

Aspire by Ruffu
Source [35]

WhipThrash (commission) by Quirky-Middle-Child
Source [36]

Max Thrash by Siplick
Source [37]

HoneyThrash by Ziegelzeig
Source [38]

A Strange Day at the Office by Sendrax and Quirky

Therapy with Doctor Tomlocke by Sendrax and Quirky

Tom Sinatra by Sendrax

Admiral Haloman by Sendrax

Halo Piper by Bukoya
Source [43]

Haloman by [NOTFOUND]
Source [44]

Glued Tail by Sendrax

Judge Nota by [NOTFOUND]
Source [46]

Notario (original by Zeigelzeig) by nota999
Source [47]

Nothardt by Sendrax

Samurai Lucario by Sendrax

Mideval Team by Sendrax and Quirky

Sendrax the Cabbage Merchant by Sendrax

… wat by Sendrax

ZENdrax by Sendrax

Dia de Muertos by Sendrax

Bloodborne – Red Moon by Sendraxmon
Source [55]

Pixel Andy by poyo-journal
Source [56]

Andy and Bukoya by pkbunny
Source [57]

The Other Andy by bukoya-star
Source [58]

O-Andy by 68
Source [59]

O-Andy Pikmin by Sendraxmon
Source [60]

Magic Fennec (ToasTee) by Sendraxmon
Source [61]

Ghost Dawn by Sendraxmon
Source [62]

Objection! by Sendrax and Quirky

Three Sides of Dominic Faux by Quirky-Middle-Child

Faux Family Photo by Quirky-Middle-Child

Dominic is Back by Sendrax

Baby Dominic by Quirky-Middle-Child

Exeiders by Quirky-Middle-Child

Kaiden by CharlieBarkinq
Source [69]

ZNN Halloween by Quirky-Middle-Child

INK! by Sendrax and Quirky


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