Comic: Black♡Jack, part 1 (by Rem289)

Jack Savage: The coolest character never on the big screen.  
Seriously, out of all the characters I hope to see at least cameo in a Zootopia Sequel, it’s Jack.  He only ever really appeared in one piece of concept art (that we know about) but man, he could have stolen the show.  You know a character has an appealing design when one picture is all it takes to spawn countless stories and comics about him.
Black♡Jack is a long-running series by the phenomenal Rem289, which… I honestly don’t know why we’ve never featured it before now.  I always kinda assumed we had covered it, but recently I was reminded that no, we hadn’t.  Whoops.
Let’s make up for lost time, shall we?  Check out this massive comic over on tumblr, or after the break!


  1. I'd love it if Zootopia 2 would open with a Savage Seas action movie opening with Jack fighting off nasty villains. Then the camera moves back and we see that we've been watching a movie in a theater. The camera pulls back further and Judy's and Nick's ears are revealed and we see them from behind as they watch the Savage Seas movie, starring Jack Savage. That would be an amazing way to get Jack back into the Zootopia universe.

    • I was thinking they should go to a Jack Savage movie at some point, but starting the sequel off like that would be super cool! If only we could tell them that without it being rejected for legal reasons.

  2. Let's see. What's weird to me is the fact that they have fish. Which they "eat fish". But if savage was in the sequel. Well it better be some special case involving him for him to fit in the movie. So apperantly a planet of "just" animals. Hmmm something smells fishy about that quote of "Humans never happened" any ideas??

  3. Been following this comic for a while, trying to both wait for the next update and then find said update can be a headache when you don't have Tumblr though… a bit sketchy on the wording here and there but the art and plotline are intriguing.
    And, anyone have a clue about (or response to) Oscar above here? No idea where you're leading with that buddy…

  4. Andy, you are missing a huge credit here. Rem289 is the one who draws the comic, but it's aoimotion who is the writer. You need to give her credit, too.

  5. I have a feeling that in my theory. Since apperantly human never happened. What if… what if it's their belief we never happened? Only making us believe it. If it's them they think we are gone. Then us viewers are looking at the trailer with nick narrating a bit off.

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