Story: Partners: Revisited

Art: miCheong

[Rating T13][Friendship][Romance][Fluff][Complete]

For fans of Kittah4’s highly entertaining Partners saga, here’s a treat for you! This is a stellar revamp/remix of one of the earlier parts of this popular series that delves more into Nick and Judy’s romantic relationship, expands on certain events, and delights us with a spectacular amount of fluff. The writing is excellent, the interactions are heartfelt, and the romance is sweet. And if you haven’t read Partners yet, this will certainly prompt you to go check it out. -DrummerMax64

Author: Kittah4

Description :
Nick Wilde has been partners with Judy Hopps for just two years. The two have settled into a comfortable routine in their lives. Both are considered some of the Zootopia Police Department’s finest; the two have pretty much everything they could ever want. And yet…

Partners: Revisited
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