Story: Shadows, Assumptions and Lies


[Romance][Humor][Period Piece][AU][T-13][Complete]

By: ScaraMedn

An AU that reimagines the story of Zootopia in an aristocratic world rife with feuding houses and other disputes — but that’s not for Judith Hopps to worry about. Her focus? Finding a suitor before her upcoming birthday. Then there’s Nicholas Wilde, here in the Hopps family’s employ as its butler — and to make matters more interesting for Judith, he’s got some secrets of his own to spill. Y’all, Shadows, Assumptions and Lies is something else; it’s got an engrossing plot, and Scaramedn has a fantastic grip on the characters, who despite being in a different headspace/life situation from their film counterparts never feel like new mammals entirely — Judy’s still Judy and Nick’s still Nick. Well, Judith and Nicholas. Whatever, you get it. ~YFWE

Description: One night, Judith Hopps, daughter of the aristocracy, witnessed something she never imagined possible. Her family’s smug, boring butler displayed a side she never thought possible, while her mother reacted not at all. Now she wonders what other secrets he, and her mother, share. Drama, misunderstandings, humor and romance abound in the House of Hopps.

Shadows, Assumptions and Lies

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