Story: Explosive Love



By: Bluelighthouse

With Explosive Love, Bluelighthouse notches another formidable entry into their canon of Zootopia fanfics. This time around? A bit of a love story, and certainly some fluff to go with it; newfound romantic feelings between Judy and Nick kick off the story right off the bat, and much of what’s to come finds the pair figuring what that means for them — all the while trying to keep a sharp focus on their jobs at the ZPD, which has become a bit, er, explosive as of late. Haha, get it? Like the title. ~YFWE

Description: The Missing Mammals case is all wrapped up, Nick and Judy are kicking tail as partners, and everything seems right in the world. Problem is, in a city like Zootopia things don’t stay quiet for long. Nick and Judy must prepare for a new role in the ZPD, while at the same time figuring out what they are to each other.

Explosive Love

Additional tags: But seriously, there are explosions