Art of the Day #327: Happy Easter, 2019

Judy Hopps, Happy Easter! by Teresa-Tsareena
Source [1]

Hello everybody and a happy Maundy Thrusday to you.  (Click for an explanation)

As we mentioned on Monday, we’re changing the order a little this wee and, posting our themed Art of the Day album today.

And with that, we proudly present our Zootopia Easter fanart collection for 2019.

Enjoy, and don’t forget to show the original artists some love by clicking on the source links.

We open with a series of images dedicated to everyone’s favorite Easter Bunny, Judy Hopps

Easter Bunny – Judy Hopps by kettyformaggio
Source [2]

Happy Easter! by LiliFox
Source [3]

Judy Hopps Easter 2018 by tpirman1982
Source [4]

Happy Easter by one2see4five
Source [5]

Happy Easter by Don-ko
Source [6]

Happy Easter 03 by otaku-ane
Source [7]

Easter Hopps by GiiftedLion
Source [8]

Happy Easter! by mirayue-art
Source [9]

Easter Basket by thisbellrings
Source [10]

If you don’t like this gig Judy, you can always be replaced.

Weekly Sketch 15 12 Judy Hopps- Easter Special! by buemoontoons
Source [11]

See?  And don’t say we didn’t warn you.

SkyeJack Easter by foxefuel
Source [12]

Now, let’s bring Nick Wilde in on the action.

Happy Easter Again! by TonyCrynight
Source [13]

Well looky there, Nick’s face is starting to match his shirt.
(I always thought that Rise of the Guardians was seriously underrated film.)

Merry Easter Love by Jhonny-Manic
Source [14]

I have no idea what those outfits they’re wearing are for…but who cares, ain’t it cool?

C-Rfu6vVwAA7LOx by @mcgorikun
Source [15]

Happy Easter by kurama-chan
Source [16]

Such an innocent fox–pure as the driven soot.

Zootopia Easter Card by Deansington
Source [17]

♪”I wanna be…your sledgehammer…”♫

Happy Easter! 2 by ahiru621
Source [18]

Coloring Easter eggs just looks soooo easy… until actually you try it.

Zootopia Easter Postcard 2016 – A5 by aygirl13
Source [19]

What we have here is a bunny unclear of the concept.

Easter In Zootopia by joannashen
Source [20]

Jeez, Nick, what’s up with you?  I haven’t seen an Easter rabbit looking this grumpy since Bugs Bunny met the Dead-End Kid,
“I wanna Easter egg! I wanna Easter egg! I wanna Easter egg! I wanna Easter egg!”)

Lost Bet by Moenkin
Source [21]

C’mon fox, quit being such a stick-in-the-mud.

Easter Bunnies by tato
Source [22]

There, that’s better.

Happy Easter Day Zootopia by fariytalesartist
Source [23]

These holidays can just get SO hectic…

Disney Easter by Odajima
Source [24]

What a thoughtful boss is Mayor Lionheart

Bellwether’s Easter Gift by Nekorukio
Source [25]


We wrap things up with a piece of gen-u-wine Zootopia Easter artwork.

Zootopia Easter by peore
Source [26]

Until next time… we leave you with this musical thought.