Art of the Day #330: Finnick Appreciation Day #3

Finnick Character Sheet by @A_KAchen
Source [1]

If there’s one character the Zootopia fandom would like to see more of in the next film, it’s the grumpy little guy with the big, grumpy voice, the one and only Finnick. Post a message on any fan forum saying you want him to play an active role in Zootopia 2, and you’ll get a dozen likes at least.

Since we last presented a collection of Finnick fanart, there’s been a ton of new pics of him posted on the web, so many in fact that we have enough for not one, but two new albums. (We’ll be posting #4 next week.)

Enjoy, and don’t forget to show the original artists some love by clicking on the source links.


We open with a threesome of concept-art pics.  Finnick was one of the few characters in Zootopia whose final version differed very little from his original concept.  In the third image he’s even wearing the same shirt as in the film  

Early Finnick by @ByronPHoward
Source [2]

Note the ‘Tame Collars’ in the next two images.

Early Finnick Concept Art by Cory Loftis
Source [3]

Kammo Meal by Cory Loftis
Source [4]

Being so popular with the fans, Finnick is also the favorite subject of many a Zootopia fan-artist–and none more so than Mortic Ox, as illustrated by the series that follows.

Sorcerer Finnick by j-U toot-toot (Mortic Ox) by @mortic_ox
Source [5]

ソーサラーごっこ by @mortic_ox
Source [6]

Good Nick Day ~ with Finnick too! by @mortic_ox
Source [7]

Winter Finnick by @mortic_ox
Source [8]

Who recognizes the reference here?

Unknown by @mortic_ox
Source [9]

We continue with a gallery of Finnick X Pawpsicle images.

Finnick meet Popy from Oscar Oasis by fiarytalesartist
Source [10]

Nick x Finnick by Thoraxfan123 by Thoraxfan123t
Source [11]

finnick by moonlycan
Source [12]

Finnick’s Jumbo Pop Attack by Nyaasu
Source [13]

Just a series of random Finnick images

Finnick The Frustrated by fluttershythekind
Source [14]

This one’s kind of a rare pic.  Very seldom do we see artwork showing Finnick as a real kid.

Zootopia: What are you doing, Finnick? by fredvegerano
Source [15]

Gangster Finnick by thatotherwhaleoil
Source [16]

Uncle Finnick by credens-vita
Source [17]

Finnick by realle
Source [18]

Finnick Odair by ekoi 1995
Source [19]

Proportionally speaking, this if probably the most accurate depiction Nick and Finnick out there; the closest approximation of the actual size difference between a red fox and a fennec-fox.

Finnick is Pushing by @A_KAchen
Source [20]

Grumpy Finnick by @A_KAchen
Source [21]

Yes, he’s cute, but don’t kiss him….

Little FInnick by @dogear218
Source [22]

…or else this happens.

Finnick the fennec by charlotteray
Source [23]

This is not such an odd portrayal of Finnick as you might think.  In the film, it was hinted that he has a French background, (he likes French rap-music.)   Fennec foxes are also indigenous to Algeria and Tunisia, two former French North African colonies.   (The Algerian National Football team is known as Les Fennecs.)

French Finnick by jaskenator
Source [24]

Last, and probably least, a little photo manipulation by yours truly.

Finnick Rox3 by UnknownArtist
Source [25]

Until next time…au revoir.