Story: Guardian Blue: The Duke of Absolution



By: Alps_Sarsis

The Duke of Absolution isn’t just another strong entry into the Guardian Blue canon. It’s also an exemplary instance of Duke Weaselton getting a starring role — a bit of a rarity in the fandom, though there are other formidable examples — and an exceedingly well-written one at that. Of course, that’s probably what you’ve come to expect from Alps_Sarsis, who has a strong handle on characterization of just about everyone in the world of Zootopia, bit character or not. The Duke of Absolution certainly requires a read of the Guardian Blue stories that have come before it, but once you’ve done that, strap in and enjoy an engrossing, entertaining, even heartwarming tale of Duke and his budding friendship with none other than Nick Wilde’s mother. ~YFWE

Description: Having inadvertently saved the life of one of Zootopia’s acclaimed heroes, Duke Weaselton finds himself struggling to keep that fresh not-a-crook scent he woke up with. He really wants to turn himself around this time! However, for someone with a criminal record, a second chance might seem precariously out of reach. Despite his genuine intentions, the weasel is struggling and failing in every attempt. But, some unexpected help might get him back on his feet and on the right path at last.

Guardian Blue: The Duke of Absolution

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Additional tags: i could seriously read sarsis’ duke stories for days, they’re so good