ZMV: home. (by wuhaii)

Today, we have a video over on YouTube from creator wuhaii! It’s a ZMV focusing on Nick and Judy’s fight and reconciliation after the press conference set to the song “Home” by Daughter. It’s got a neat sepia-tone filter to […]


A New Deleted Scene Emerges!

Looks like minorsaurus_rex, an animator at Disney, has uploaded an earlier version of Judy’s police academy graduation on instagram! It’s a bit different than what was used for the finale scene, and I think Judy didn’t make valedictorian in this draft? Either […]


A Merry Little Tag-Along (by Qalcove)

It’s the holiday season, folks, so you know what that means: adorable Christmas comics!  There’s really not too much more to say, this is just pure fluff and I love it. Check out this cute comic drawn by Qalcove and written […]