Change Is Coming!

That’s right! Winter Change is coming!

What does that mean for you, the reader? Not terribly much. However, things might look slightLy different come November 5th. (Remember, remember, the 5th of November.) Why would they look different on that day, you ask? That’s an excellent question! We are reworking the internal framework that makes up how ZNN functions.

Long story short, ZNN has been operating on Blogger — A web design tool, while useful and adequate for the last two-plus years,  that is now showing its age. We will need more security, more flexibility and more options when it comes to moving forward with the site.

So we will be transferring the entire database, articles and all over to WordPress. This won’t change too much on the front end for you to view the site, but it will change how our staff does things and creates posts. Thankfully, we had a great training regime spearheaded by one of our Fearless Leaders, Agent Exeider! So all crew should be ready to go once the changeover happens.

So don’t freak out when the 5th roles around. The change will happen, but we will be running just the same as always. With a new Nick cameo in the upcoming Wreck-it Ralph 2 movie and teases by the creators of more Zootopia content, we couldn’t have picked a better time to rework the site and prepare for what could possibly be a Zootopia 2 on the horizon!

Thanks for sticking with us and as always, Try Everything!

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