Comic: Zootopia Afterwards, Episode 2 (Original by Motoichi)

Happy Halloween from the Translation Team!

And yep, we’ve finally gotten around to finishing part 2 of the Zootopia Afterwards series! I apologize for the rather long (22-month) wait. (Hopefully part 3 will not take this long.)

Since it’s been so long, you might want to go check out Episode 1 as a recap!

Thanks to 素壱 (Motoichi) for making the original comic, to Ryo for translating, and to Forgotten_Fox for editing! Check out the original over on Pixiv, and the translated version after the break!

<Bonus pages>
Clawhauser’s Past from Zootopia Afterwards, Episode 1
DoubleHorns and LoveDonuts from Zootopia Afterwards, Episode 2
Master and Pupil from Zootopia Afterwards, Episode 2