Special Art of the Day #277: Zootopia in China

Mandarin Nick and Judy by [政58
Source [1]

This album got its start when a new member joined the ZNN translation staff, HarrytheStampy/ Pudong, our Chinese language specialist.

Harry, who hails from Hong Kong, soon made me aware of the trove of Zootopia fanart created by some Chinese artists. Many of these, such as the cover pic of Nick with Judy in Mandarin robes, were absolutely breathtaking.

And so we present for your appreciation, a collection of Zootopia fanart in classical Chinese settings. Enjoy, and don’t forget to show the original artists some love by clicking on the source links. (And many thanks, Harry.)

Get your art after the break!

Artwork to celebrate the 2017 Chinese New Year  (the Year of the Rabbit)

Happy Lunar New Year by weketa
Source [2]

Chinese Valentine’s Day by weketa
Source [3]
(Comments by the original artist.)
 《Bao Qing Tian(包青天)》is a classic Chinese TV series in the 1990s,telling the story of Bao Zheng(包拯)–the most memorable mayor and judge in Song Dynasty–punishing crimes and preserving social justice with his subordinates and paladin friends, as well as finally being called 包青天(Bao Qing Tian,Bao the pure-blue heaven) by the nation throughout history.
Here Benjamin Clawhauser becomes Bao Qing Tian(but only a supporting actor this time, unfortunately). Judy becomes 御猫 展昭(Zhan Zhao the royal cat), Bao’s most trusted constable and guard. Nick becomes 锦毛鼠 白玉堂(Bai Yutang the brocade-fur rat), a righteous rogue swordsman
Though Zhan and Bai are police and rogue,they are friends indeed (and even regarded as BL couples by some nowadays, lol), just as Nick & Judy are.

Zootopia -crossover- Bao Qing Tian by Doctor-Nick-Dictonrock
Source [4]
You have to kind of wonder how they ever took THIS guy down

Dragon Bust by hopordrawing
Source [5]
Nick and Judy in a traditional Chinese artwork style

Nick and Judy China by 空天战隼
Source [6]
And in traditional Chinese costume

Nick and Judy in China by 著作权归作者本人所有
Source [7]
It figures that Judy would be the yin to Nick’s yang.

Yin and Yang by 我的1224
Source [8]
The Song Dynasty lasted from 960 to 1279 AD. To put that in perspective, the Battle of Hastings, the First, Second and Third Crusades and the signing of the Magna Carta all took place during this period. (Oh, and also the adventures of Robin Hood.)

Back in the Song Dynsaty by TheSkunkCat
Source [9]
Nick, in Chinese battle dress, takes tea with Judy.

Tea time by 绅士兔兰陵柳
Source [10]

Warriors by 太可惡的人
Source [11]
Finnick doing Chinese calligraphy.  Somehow, I never pictured him as having the patience for this activity

Finnick’s Night Writing by jojlantern200
Source [12]
A scene from Chinese mythology, Zootopified

The Goddess Gazelle by 绅士兔兰陵柳
Source [13]
Beware the fennec assassin!

Love and Kill, Assassin by 绅士兔兰陵柳
Source [14]
We had to include at least one Kung Fu Panda crossover pic.  (Skadoosh.)

Training With The Dragon Warrior by Timcreo
Source [15]
Another lovely image of Judy in traditional Chinese dress

Traditional Art – Fan- art (Zootopia) by Darya Winterr
Source [16]
Happy New Year

Happy Chines New Year by hykez 87
Source [17]
Nick and Judy as a pair of martial arts movie heroes

Nick and Judy in their Chinese Outfits by rdj1995
Source [18]
The following two pictures are production stills from an animated film in honor of the Dragon Boat Races

Nick Poles by SeenvisionStudio
Source [19]

Planting Rice by SeenvisionStudio
Source [20]
This picture has already been featured in several other albums, but it’s such a lovely image, we’re including it here as well

If the story happened in China by tragobear
Source [21]
Nick marches in a Chinese lantern parade with a image of Judy, artwork created by Byron Howard while on a promotional tour of China.

Lantern Festival – China by @ByronPHoward
Source [22]
Yes, I know, this was taken from a video game, but it’s still a great piece of artwork

Zoditopia by Igliang
Source [23]
I wanted to include at least one picture of Judy in the thigh-slit dress known as the Cheongsam, another Chinese creation.

Nick Judy Cheongsam by JINIAL
Source [24]
We conclude with a picture of Judy in Chinese spirit form
祝Z吧亲们月饼节快乐 by 我的1224
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