The WildeHopps 2019 Community Calendar Is Here!

When the concept of this first came out, I was fully on board this train. And now it’s finally come to fruition. Take my money!
The long-awaited Wildehopps 2019 Calendar is finally here! Back in April, ZootopiaUnderground (or optimuspower92) came up with the concept to create a Zootopia-themed calendar, but not just any Zootopia themed calendar — a Wildehopps themed calendar! (Yay!)
The wall calendar features 14 unique art pieces from a variety of artists — 12 different pieces of art for each month, in addition to art from the back and front covers themselves. Each piece has been drawn by a different artist and features the ever-so-popular Zootopia ship Wildehopps!
This is something I’m definitely gonna get my hands on. If you’re a huge Wildehopps shipper, you should definitely get this calendar, too.


  1. Feels appropriate, considering that Judy Hopps and Nick Wilde could have otherwise made for a potential modern day Mickey and Minnie Mouse.

  2. Mine just arrived! Exactly what I hoped for. Fluffy WildeHopps to make the next year a better time. All art good: February, April, & September my faves.

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