Special Art of the Day #275: Mrs. Wilde

Mrs Wilde by einshelm
Source [1]

Nick Wilde’s mother: we never saw her face in the movie, only a red skirt and a purple sweater, and yet, she’s been the subject of a tremendous amount of speculation (and fanart).

Is she still alive? What is her relationship with Nick, if so? How does she feel now that he’s gone straight to become a police officer? We may never know the answer to some of these questions (or at least not until Zootopia 2 hits the screen), but in a March 29, 2016, tweet, Zootopia co-director Rich Moore offered this glimpse into her character:

“Mrs. Wilde still lives in Zootopia, in the same apartment where she raised Nick. 🏢🐺 She’s waiting for a grandkit.”

Well, while she’s waiting, we present a collection of Zootopia fanart dedicated to Nick Wilde’s mother. Enjoy, and don’t forget to show the original artists some love by clicking on the source links.

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We begin with a few glimpse of Nick Wilde’s mom as she appeared in the film, seen… but not seen.

Aren’t moms great? by charliebarkinq
Source [2]
A cellphone pic of Nick in his Junior Ranger Scout uniform.  Not the gray-furred thumb in the foreground; that’s Judy.

Evergreen – Bittersweet Memory by kichich
Source [3]
Nick leads the way

Zootopia Childhood by nik159
Source [4]
Well, that pic on the cellphone had to come from somewhere!

Young Nick Wild by eightsun
Source [5]


And now some images of Nick as a kit with his mother visible in the frame.


Incoming tickle in 4…3…2…1…

Nick ‘s Childhood by troodont by trudont
Source [6]
Remember when Nick told Judy about how “my mother scraped together enough money to by me a brand new uniform?”
Here she is waiting to present it to him.

A Surprise for Nick by replytoanons
Source [7]
“Wake up, Sleepyhead, we’ve got a busy day ahead of us.”

Rise and Shine by replytoanons
Source [8]
Family portrait of Nick with his mother and father.

Zootopia Nicks mom and dad by Castillo Family Art
Source [9]
“Awww, Mom, not in front of the guys!”

tumblr_o4u9pk3FjM1tx6fsno1_540 by drawnbythestream
Source [10]
Of course, when Nick was younger, it was a lot easier

Mother’s Day by n09142 by Weketa
Source [11]
While these days Nick prefers blueberries, when he was kit, he was more partial to raspberries.

Blowing Raspberries by RainbowDrool
Source [12]
Alternate universe pic of Nick’s mother with him and Judy as kids.

Ranger Scout and Bunny Cop by replytoanons
Source [13]
We all know that after the incident with the Ranger Scouts, Nick’s mother was there for him.

Hush by softlight289
Source [14]
And what goes around, comes around; here we present a series of Nick as an adult with his mother

Proud Mom by Kingdom Blade
Source [15]
There have been several pieces of Nick/Mom fanart with this theme. (See below)

Nick Mom01 by yuzutamago
Source [16]
Is anyone else getting the feeling that Judy had something to do with this reunion?

I’m so proud of you02 by yuzutamago
Source [17]
The three of them posing for the camera

Nick_Judy_Mom01 by はるすけ
Source [18]
And again

Nick_Judy_Mom02 by はるすけ
Source [19]
A somewhat more elderly version of Mrs. Wilde.

First Visit II by nik159
Source [20]
And a more zaftig version

You Don’t Have to Be Alone by insx7
Source [21]
Note Judy in the background with the cellphone camera, a nice touch

Welcome home, son by AndrejSKalin
Source [22]
The next thing she say is, “So when am I going to see some grandchildren?”
“Mommmm, can’t you ever give it a rest?”

Happy Mother’s Day by MartiSilent by Martisilent
Source [23]
A mother’s pride.

Mother’s Day Epilogue by akiric
Source [24]


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