Story: Halloweek 2018 – The Storyline

Art by Ziegelzeig

[Rating T13][Adventure][Horror][Holiday][OC]

A fantastic mix of Zootopia and old monster stories, we see Ziegelzeig and OceRydia as demon and demon hunter, working together and maintaining the same level of wit and verbal sparring they are known for in the fandom and in other stories. The author does a great job of giving us the feel of a dark demon story while at the same time giving personality and chemistry to the two leads. ~Gorgancm

Author: Ziegelzeig

Description :
Follow the adventures of a fellow Demons Hunter and of a Demon Fox, forced to associate their powers to fight against the Seven Calamities who cursed the region of Hallow. This story is linked to the 2018 edition of the Halloweek event.

Halloweek 2018 – The Storyline

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