The RESULTS of the 2018 Halloween Art Contest!

Nick Y Judy especial de halloween by aidenleblohic
Happy Halloween, everyone!  It’s time to share the results of our Halloween Contest!  We got over 200 votes this year, and with 4 categories to vote on, we’ve got 4 winners, and many, many runners-up!
The winners will receive a piece of official merchandise of their choosing, be it a copy of The Art of Zootopia, a Funko Pop! figurine, or something else.  Then, starting tomorrow, we’ll vote for the grand prize winner, who will receive a custom-made plush figurine!
So, without further ado, check out the winners and honorable mentions after the break!  Again, thank you everyone who participated!

Juantriforce – 150 Votes
TechECoyote98 – 45 Votes
“Niiiiiiiick” by TheBlueberryCarrots – 93 Votes
Second place
“FoxBun” by FeverWildeHopps – 80 Votes
Third Place
“Cute” by TechECoyote98 – 54 Votes
“Now and Forever” by FeverWildeHopps – 127 Votes
Second Place
“Guts and Casca – Berserk” by 3AaM – 57 Votes
Third Place
“Romantic” by TechECoyote98 – 35 Votes
“Dollfaces” by FeverWildeHopps – 53 Votes
Second Place
“Van Wilde” by Knoton13 – 49 Votes
Third Place
“Zorro” by TheWyvernsWeaver – 48 Votes
Honorable Mentions
“Fear Sheep” by Mirik Lord
“Vampire Judy” by Mr_Punctual
“Scary” by TechECoyot98
“Fox Rider” by TheNightManager
“Gideon Vs Jigsaw” by FairyTalesArtist