Art of the Day #278

Day 6 – Drooling by ilazua
Source [1]

Benjamin Clawhauser shares an intimate moment with the the love of his life.

Ahhh, I hate to intrude upon such a touching scene, so maybe we’d best go check out the latest random collection of Zootopia fanart instead.

Enjoy…and don’t forget to show the original artists some love by clicking on the source links.

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Judy And Nick by inya-spring
Source [2]

Inktober 2018 – Zootopia by marcusagm
Source [3]

Unknown by @_KING_GIDORA_
Source [4]

Sketch by @CiderBunArt
Source [5]
Here we present a small collection of the Zootopia gang as youngsters

Little Manchas by @bicharrac0
Source [6]

Flying Dreams by @bicharrac0
Source [7]

Young Gazelle by @bicharrac0
Source [8]
A depiction of the childhood incident in which Judy’s Uncle Terry attacked her mother, after eating a Nighthowler blossom,

Night Howlers-they can even turn a bunny savage! by @bicharrac0
Source [9]

Gideon Grey by @bicharrac0
Source [10]

Young Yax by @bicharrac0
Source [11]

The future’s so bright… by @mochicco_ZPD
Source [12]

Breakfast At Judy Hopps by finnickabrenica09

Source [13]

Boop!:3 by AndrejSKalin
Source [14]

My van, my rules by Corgi
Source [15]

Cop burnout by The_Mightiness_CrounVik
Source [16]

Inktober day 7 officer Hopps by imnot3ponfat
Source [17]

Lola and Judy by Cybertuna
Source [18]

You’re Illegally Parked by bax590
Source [19]

cozzy sand by SciMunk
Source [20]

It’s cold outside by CroissantFox
Source [21]

Zootropolist : Burial at Jungle by CroissantFox
Source [22]


  1. Love the Chez Cheese one, and the youngster shots. So spot-on!

    Also, the one of Uncle Terry biting Judy's mom should have been in the Halloween comic. Totally feels like a werewolf (well, skin changer) or zombie moment.

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