Story: Van Wilde

Art by Knoton13

[Rating T13][Supernatural][Horror][Crossover]

It doesn’t get more gothic horror than this in the Zootopia fandom! Expertly combining our favorite Zootopia characters with the sinister world of the 2004 Van Helsing film and its prequel, “Van Wilde” provides quality entertainment while at the same time nailing the terror-inducing atmosphere with all the monsters and demons roaming around in the darkness, just waiting for an opportunity to strike. It’s slick, macabre, and sure to give you the willies, but rest assured, it’s an all-around great story, and very appropriate for this time of year. ~DrummerMax64

Author: MysteryGirl22

Description :
The Azure Brotherhood has lived for millennia, and exists for one purpose: to rid the world of those who haunt the darkness, stealing whoever is unlucky enough to be caught in their sights. Their top agent, a young mammal as skilled as they come, is sent out on a routine mission, or at least, that was how it began. The only question now is, which side will win?

Van Wilde
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