Halloween Art Contest Update

Happy Halloween by pixiuart
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Two weeks have come and gone, marking 2/3rds of the ZNN Halloween Art Contest!  Already we’re starting to get some submissions in, and so far we’re liking what we’re seeing.

But we’re going to need a lot more sent in before voting starts, so here’s your reminder:
Email your halloween artwork to [email protected] with the subject “2018 Halloween Contest” and be sure to let us know what category to put it in.   

We will be accepting submissions until October 22nd, at which time the voting will start!

And don’t feel like you need to make a unique piece for this contest; if you have made something Halloween-themed this year just for fun, by all means, please submit it!  Be sure to spread the word and let other artists know about it as well.  The more participation we get, the more fun the whole thing is!

One week to go, ladies and gentlemammals.  We can’t wait to see what you send us!  And remember, as always…

Try Everything!
– Andy Lagopus

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