Story: In the Embrace of Night

Art by The Phantom Beyond

[Rating M16][Suspense][Horror][Holiday][One-shot]

Mysterious happenings around the city of Zootopia kick off this spine-tingling one-shot, making our crime-fighting duo wonder if the enigmatic being they’re chasing is hostile and, quite possibly, supernatural. It isn’t long before things take a deadly turn for the worse, and after that it’s a race against time to stop the murderous creature before their wicked plans come to fruition. Something important to keep in mind though: not every horror story ends all hunky-dory. Another creative effort from Selaxes himself, one that’s sure to instill you with palpable dread. ~DrummerMax64

Author: Selaxes

Description :
Strange events begin to revolve around Nick and Judy and a malevolent entity that shouldn’t exist shatters the duo’s perceptions and blurs the lines of the possible and impossible… So much so it’s questionable either will escape with their lives, much less their souls.

In the Embrace of Night

Additional Tags: Light vs. dark – which will you embrace?