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吸血鬼とコウモリ! by @kurokuma824
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Boys and girls of every age, Would you like to see something Strange?  Come with us and you will see, This our town of Halloween!  THIS IS HALLOWEEN!  THIS IS HALLOWEEN! – I’m being told to stop now before I trigger some sort of copyright thing.

Ladies and gentlemammals, welcome to the voting for ZNN’s Annual Halloween Art Contest!  Like we explained at the beginning of the month, there are four categories to choose from this year: Cute, Scary, Romantic, and Colored.  Winners in each category will win wonderful prizes, like The Art of Zootopia, a blu-ray copy of the movie, or a Funko Pop! figure.

The No. 1 winner out of all 4 categories (which we will determine in a second vote) will win a custom-made plush!   

The first round of voting will go from now until October 30th.

Before we get to the voting, I’d like to just take this opportunity to thank everyone who has made this possible by supporting ZNN over on Patreon.  We try to go all-out this time of year, and the donations you give us make that possible.  And if you would like to become a patron (with the rewards that come with it) then either click here or the link in the sidebar!

We’ve got over twenty fantastic images for you to choose from, so enjoy!  Now then, with that out of the way… HALLOWEEN, HALLOWEEN, HALLOWEEN, HALLOWEEN!!!

GO VOTE NOW after the break, or by following this link!


  1. The FoxBun drawing is so cute, because it's a literal fusion of Judy Hopps and Nick Wilde, similar to CatDog.

    And that's what I'd like to see more of: Judy and Nick physically fusing their bodies together to form a larger, stronger FoxBun composite containing both of their qualities. You know? Like Steven Universe's fusion dances!

  2. almost all of the ones in the scary catagory i wouldnt even consider scary. like the Zorro one for instance. whats so scary about Zorro?

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