Art of the Day #215

Nick the Drama King by Holmssie Source [1] “Oh no, what’s wrong with Nick, Judy? Did something happen to his mother?” “No.” “Was he fired from the ZPD?” “No.” “Did Finnick get arrested?” “No.” “Okay, then what’s the problem?” “Snarlbuck’s […]


Art of the Day #213

Geisha Judy by hoaxer-ge Source [1] Judy certainly looks lovely in a kimono, doesn’t she? (Heck, she’d look lovely in sackcloth!) Anyway, once again, we present a selection of various Zootopia artworks for your perusal. Please enjoy, and don’t forget […]


Art of the Day #212

A Spring In Your Step by TheWinterBunny Source [1] When visiting your girlfriend’s family, good appearance is a must. However, I would advise Nick to come clean and not try to pretend that he injured his fetlock in the line […]


Special Art of the Day #211: Hit the Beach

Zootopia Postcard by Francesca-ictbs Source [1] Hello, everyone, and welcome to the weekend marking the unofficial start of summer. In honor of the occasion, we’re featuring an album of Nick, Judy and the rest of the Zootopia gang heading out […]


Art of the Day #210

Oversize Shirt by kit-ray-live Source [1] Hustled again! Will poor Judy ever learn? Nick’s probably got that picture uploaded to his Furbook page already. Of course, Nick never learns either. She’ll get even; she ALWAYS gets even! In the meantime, […]


Art of the Day #208

Drawing Judy by likime Source [1] A little speedpaint GIF, a drawing of Judy drawing her weapon. (Do ya feel lucky, punk?)  She’s got her flashlight at the ready, too; looks like our intrepid bunny cop is preparing to move […]


Art of the Day #206

Bootleg Weasel by Habiyeru Source [1] Uh oh, it looks like Duke Weselton — er, I mean Weaselton — is at it again, and now he’s dealing in bootleg blu-ray, with even more discs added to his inventory.. Mind you, […]


Art of the Day #201

gazelle by SmellyVampireBoy Source [1] Who’s up for a little art deco? Here we have a wallpaper motif featuring Gazelle and her four tigers. (Makes a nice desktop, wouldn’t you say?) Hold onto your tails, folks, ’cause here comes another random […]


Art of the Day,The Big #200

Zootopia’s Finest (by artbirchly) by artbirchly Source [1] Hello, everyone, and welcome to our 200th Art of the Day post! In honor of the occasion, we have asked our staff to submit some of their favorite pieces of Zootopia fanart. […]

Art of the day

Art of the Day #198

Walkin’ the Beat by S1M Source [1] If you look at the background of this pic, you’ll notice it’s a nod to a very famous piece of artwork, Nighthawks by Edward Hopper (Google it!) But what is Judy saying to […]


Happy Birthday, Rich Moore!

Happu Birthday by @ByronPHoward Source [1] Hey, gang! It’s Zootopia co-director Rich Moore’s birthday. And so, without further ado… ♪”Happy Birthday to you You belong in a Zoo(topia) You talk like a rogue sheep… “♫ Doug-phone02 by @DisneyArts Source [2] […]


Art of the Day #197

Judy the hustler (by JoenSo) by JoenSo Source [1] I’m like 90{fc17e15ed6c8f701884a899a735d4ed94fc8cfa66fc2f404dd33f42f9afeb7a1} certain that Judy would have tried on Nick’s tacky shirts at some point, especially if their relationship goes beyond being just friends.  All things said, though, that looks […]


Art of the Day #196: Yakity Yax

mystic_springs_oasis_by_monoflax by MonoFlax Source [1] “Whoa, I’m gonna have to hit the ‘paws’ button right there, because we’re all good on bunny-scout cookies.” With that line we were introduced to the character of Yax, host of Mystic Springs Oasis; A […]


Art of the Day #195 Random

today_s_drawing__5_by_zootopia_judyhopps-da1zn0q by Zootopia-JudyHopps Source [1] Art of the Day Random #195 What the title says, some random pics Get your art after the break! 56821628_p0 by ぎどら Source [2] today_s_drawing__12_by_zootopia_judyhopps-da23chz by Namwhan-K Source [3] Zootopia by Tragobear by Tragobear Source […]


Art of the Day # 194: Let’s Dance

Put on your red fur and dance the blues! let_s_dance_by_ganym0-d9tlk8f by Ganym0 Source [1] The film Zootopia featured exactly one brief dance scene, Gazelle’s concert performance, at the end, while the credits were rolling.   The Angel with Horns did more […]