Art of the Day #345: Down on the Farm

Burrow Burroughs Concept Art by Armand Serrano
Source [1]

Today’s Art of the Day collection is dedicated to the Hopps Family Farm, and to the noble–and dangerous–profession of farming.

Yes…dangerous; I’ve seen at least one news story that describes farming as a riskier profession than police work. (Makes you think twice about Judy’s parents being so scared when she left to join the ZPD, huh?)

Anyway, enjoy…and don’t forget to show the original artists some love by clicking on the source links.

We open with a series of images showing Judy in farm-girl mode .

[Fanart] Zootopia: Carrot Farmer by dari-dari
Source [2]

Firstfruits by francesca-ictbs
Source [3]

Judy Hopps – Back To The Farm by aozee
Source [4]

Farming can be a dirty job, too.

Carrot Farmer by glacierclear
Source [5]

Wateercolor pencils by wynnposts
Source [6]

Farmgirl Judy Hoppa by KendallCollins
Source [7]

Farmer Judy by antanariva
Source [8]

Farm Girl Judy 2 by pencil-top
Source [9]

The Hopps Family Farm does grow blueberries…

A Day on the Farm by OneGutsyPony
Source [10]

…But carrots are still their biggest cash crop.

Judy Hopps Fanart by Delois
Source [11]

Sketch: Farmer Judy by Teoft
Source [12]

Carrot Farmer Judy by kathomu
Source [13]

Nobody said this job was easy; a day on the farm can leave you completely exhausted…

image_by_patori_san-da4awoq by pcerise
Source [14]

…or completely wired.

haywire hare by 404bot
Source [15]

The fist time Nick visited the Hopps Family Farm, things were a little awkward…

Greetings From Bunnyburrow by Tokio92t
Source [16]

Meet the Hoppses by misterluca
Source [17]

Carrot Farming is Easy, huh by crazyyeallowfox
Source [18]

…but he soon got with the program.

Farm day by twinklepug
Source [19]

This pic is a personal favorite of mine

Bunnysitting by Turningtides by TurningTides
Source [20]

Down on the Farm by MU by なめこ鱒
Source [21]

Another great one; notice the effect of the sunlight, steaming through the roof slats.

tumblr_o6ub88Zjj11qinrh7o1_1280.png by judy-hoppswilde
Source [22]

Well, ya gotta have some fun.

CUT IT OUT, CARROTS! by Fairloke
Source [23]

Why are you crying? Carrot by Blackligerth
Source [24]

Carrot Candy by suzamuri
Source [25]

We can’t talk about the Hopps Family Farm without mentioning Judy’s parents.

Here she is helping her dad extract a prize carrot from the earth

Summer on the Farm by doraemonbasil
Source [26]

A worthy effort that was.

Best Crop From Bunnyburrows by kresblain
Source [27]

Judy with her mom.

Mother’s day 2016 by Marshall-Fox
Source [28]

And then there’s the Hopps Family Farm’s roadside produce stand.
(In my part of the country, you see these places everywhere once you get off the beaten path, especially this time of the year.)

Hopps Farmstand Concept Art by scottwatanabe
Source [29]

I Tried by EqReyna
Source [30]

More Zootopia by Nick Southam by nicksoutham
Source [31]

tumblr_o7gf7w3TXc1ukmcjto1_1280 by charlenesketch
Source [32]

Candy Apple by frayall
Source [33]

Bunny Burrow by razorknife
Source [34]

And finally…hey, we told you at the beginning that farming is a hazardous undertaking.  (not to worry, she’ll get out of this okay.)

Judy Hopps Carrot-patched (Valentines Sink YCH) by Hefess
Source [35]

Until next time, we leave you with this musical thought….