Art of the Day #343: Gazelle, the Angel With Horns

I Heart Gazelle by Bro.You-yanゆうやん
Source [1]

Hello, and welcome to our latest collection of Zootopia fanart. Today’s gallery is dedicated to the Animal City’s favorite pop star, the one and only Gazelle.

Of all the animals appearing in Zootopia, there were none modeled more closely on their voice artist than her. Shakira was even consulted on the look of her character, famously declaring, ‘more hips!’ (As you can see from some of the pics below her advice was taken seriously.)

There’s been a ton of new Gazelle artwork posted to the web since the last time we featured her; enjoy, and don’t forget to show the artists some love by clicking on the source links.

We open with a series of Gazelle concept-art images.

Sooo, originally she was mostly brunette.  (Doesn’t quite have ‘the hips’ yet either.)

Early Gazelle Concept Art by Shiyoon Kim
Source [2]

3-D model of the above image.  (This actually fanart rather than concept-art.)  Note the difference in the hips between this and the 2-D rendering

3D Sculpt Gazelle by @ManuelDeJorge
Source [3]

Gazelle model sheet.

Gazelle Model Sheet I by Shiyoon Kim by Shiyoon Kim
Source [4]

Another one; as you can seen this time she was modeled directly on Shakira.

Gazelle Model Sheet II by Shiyoon Kim by Shiyoon Kim
Source [5]

Zootopia co-director Byron Howard’s take on Gazelle.

Gazelle BH by @ByronPHoward
Source [6]

We continue with a series of head-shot portraits of the angel with horns

Gazelle Portrait by Juindalo
Source [7]

Sexy Gazelle by arzmx
Source [8]

Gazelle by alexdama
Source [9]

And now, some fuller shots of her.

Gazelle by David Gilson
Source [10]

Gazelle01 by eepiart
Source [11]

Vacations – (Character, Gazelle) by link6432
Source [12]

Gazelle Sketch by 犬耳もえ太
Source [13]

Source [14]

Gazelle 2019 by CeruleanAzura
Source [15]

Zootopia Gazelle in Procreate by JMantheAngel
Source [16]

Gazelle’s Talking Body by jasminebentonarts
Source [17]

Gazelle by Hanimetion
Source [18]

GAZELLE by Hanimetion
Source [19]

Gazelle on a Swing by JohnRaptor
Source [20]

Gazelle by Rin_Tyan
Source [21]

Gazelle has many admirers, none more ardent than Benjamin Clawhauser.

Zootopia -Try Everything by weischede
Source [22]

You better hope Judy never sees this, Nick

Nick X Gazelle (colored) by anothercolouranon
Source [23]

Gazelle with one of her younger fans.

Gazelle kiss Daniel Tiger by JMantheAngel
Source [24]

Wherever Gazelle goes, there go her tigers

Gazelle and Tigers by jeandrawings
Source [25]

Japanese Gazelle by 杯具螺旋丸
Source [26]

gazelle (by SmellyVampireBoy) by smellyvampireboy
Source [27]

Next we have some images of Gazelle modeling something different from her stage-outfit.

Gazelle by eighthSun
Source [28]

Gazelle RE by @MattValkyrie
Source [29]

Source [30]

Gazelle as shiklah by sirredbenjamin
Source [31]

Genie Gazelle by Wiilma
Source [32]

I’m Gazelle by yelnatsdrwas
Source [33]

Gazelle is: Nova Prime (by HyenaTig) by hyenatig
Source [34]

Love the brushstroke effect in this one.

Gazelle Watercolor by Juindalo
Source [35]

She’s barely recognizable in this pic.

Casual Gazelle by Lionalliance
Source [36]

Gazelle in her dancing days.

Gazelle from Zootopia! by armer-Ink
Source [37]

In her early dancing days.

Young Gazelle by @bicharrac0
Source [38]

Two Overwatch images of Gazelle

overwatch X Zootopia Gazelle Mercy by 杯具螺旋丸
Source [39]

Disney Universe – Gazelle in Planet Of Savannah by DineyJared23
Source [40]

And finally, here she is performing a couple of crossover musical duets.

Kath Soucie, Fifi’s voice artist, was also the voice of Little Nick in the film.

Fifi and Gazelle by Tim_Kangaroo
Source [41]

With Ash from the movie Sing!

Sing Off by Joe Rosales
Source [42]

Until next time, a tune we’d love to see Gazelle perform in Zootopia 2

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  1. The idea of a Gazelle / Ash duet gave me chills! In some parallel universe, it happened. >sigh<

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