Art of the Day #340: Summertime Blues

Have an amazing summer by @ByronPHoward
Source [1]

♪ “Well, I’m a gonna raise a fuss,
I’m-a gonna raise a holler!
Coz I’m about to be a-drowned
under Benjamin Clawhauser.” ♫

(Fear not for Finnick’s fanny, folks; as you can see from the follow-up pic, it all ended well.)

And with that, we welcome you to our 2019 Zootopia Summer Fanart Collection

Mr. Deejay, cue the music if you please, and everyone else, don’t forget to show the original artists some love by clicking on the source links.

ZPD – Summer by myrza289
Source [2]

We open some images of Judy showing off her summer outfits.

I can actually relate to this, having been swarmed by a cloud of butterflies while on a mountain trip last summer.  (I’ll take them over mosquitoes any day.)

Summer in Zootopia2 by Morrya
Source [3]

Going to work by francesca-ictbs by francesca-ictbs
Source [4]

Judy at the Park by joaoppereira
Source [5]

And now, let’s get Nick into the act.

Summertime in Zootopia ☀️ by karrotcakes
Source [6]

Island Hopping by bluelightenterprises
Source [7]

There’s just so much to do in Zootopia during the Summertime…

There’s the beach….

Summer 2018 by @ys_kzoo
Source [8]

Commission — Distance and Perspective by Franceca-ictbs
Source [9]

Summer! by @yasiplay
Source [10]

…going roller-skating…

Smug Humility by Vir-no-Vigoratus
Source [11]

…hanging out around the pool…

Fresh Water by Ziegelzeig
Source [12]

Summer Love by RareWhoRoastBeast
Source [13]

Nick and Judy soak up the sun by Toonfox383
Source [14]

swimming training by Francescaictbs
Source [15]

Finnick’s day off by Toonfox583
Source [16]

…or, if you happen to be Benjamin Clawhauser, the pool hangs out around YOU.

Sweet Summertime by ArtKitt-Creations
Source [17]

You can go on a picnic.

Picnic by @ulako414
Source [18]

You can take in a Summer carnival.

Carnival by dobermutt
Source [19]

Or take a road-trip to the mountains…

Day Off by stressedfox
Source [20]

…and go camping.  (Jeez Jack,, get with the program, willya?)

Camping fun with Jack and Skye by @foxefuel
Source [21]

Or you can indulge in my favorite Summertime activity, (where I will be later today and tomorrow.)

Thanks Everyone by by S8tan8ter
Source [22]

You can go stargazing….

Going Stargazing by めーこ
Source [23]

Meteor Shower by kippurable
Source [24]

You can go tubing down a river, (although as we saw in our featured image, that activity can be hazardous to your health.)

Judy Tubing by rick2tails
Source [25]

Or you can take part in that most popular of all summer activities, doing absolutely nothing.

Independence Day Picnic by rockhoppr
Source [26]

Summer would not be Summer of course, without Summer treats.

I date with my buddy now 😛 by @eevees813
Source [27]

…something about which Nick Wilde knows more than the average mammal.

Summertime Vibes by dobermutt
Source [28]

First Zootopia Fanart by suslikd
Source [29]

Summer also means Summer salads.
(Actually foxes will eat carrots; I’ve seen a Youtube vid of one of them doing just that.)

Al Fresco by @HB_runo
Source [30]

The only downside of Summer is the heat.

Bright by Francesca-ictbs
Source [31]

Bright 2 by Francesca-ictbs
Source [32]

…especially if you happen to be an arctic fox!

Beat Da Heat by @foxefuel
Source [33]

But for the upper-crust of Zootopia, Summer is whole ‘nother ball-game.

I only have eyes for her by link 6432
Source [34]

…not that Nick Wilde minds very much

Summer Greetings by @ys_kzoo
Source [35]

Until next time…Nick and Judy would like to leave you with this musical Summer thought…

C’mon Feel The Noise by Purry-Phorn
Source [36]

Hit it guys!

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  1. Delightful collection! Good mood lifter on a June gloom day. #24 is particularly timely for tomorrow’s fluff file.

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