Special Art of the Day #342: Happy National Doughnut Day!

ZPD Studios by CreativeCrystal
Source [1]

It’s Benjamin Clawhauser’s favorite holiday, folks, so boogie on down to your local donut shop, and snag yourself some sugary, fried pastries that are probably the WORST thing ever that you can have for breakfast. (You deserve it!)

And then be sure to check out our special National Doughnut Day artwork collection, and don’t forget to show the original artists some love by clicking on the source links.

Benjamin just loves his ‘lil’ Dickens.”

Oh! Hi! Do you want a doughnut? by Corgi
Source [2]

The Guy Who Makes Doughnuts by cuddlesaurus21
Source [3]

Flabby doughnut loving cop. by doughnut loving cop.
Source [4]

He dreams donuts

Zootopia – Donuts Lover by AirinNoSekai
Source [5]

Try everything by Laurael
Source [6]

Well? Clawhauser had to start somewhere.

tumblr_o7ej4jvwih1tcssm7o1_1280 by possumtool
Source [7]

Actually, he started even further back than that.

Zootopia:Benjamin and his big donut! by Fred Vegerano
Source [8]

But he’s not the only cop on the force who likes donuts; so does Nick.

Nick wilde eating donut by Kwak33 by kwak33
Source [9]

Newest Recruit by kenket
Source [10]

So does Judy.

Donut Break by bullpoopsniperrifle
Source [11]

The Last of it’s Kind by hyenatigt
Source [12]

Sorry, Can’t Come Into Work Today, I’m Sick by VanilliaGhosties
Source [13]

So do Nick and Judy

Coffee and Doughnuts by Yohirit
Source [14]

Donut by n09142 by Weketa
Source [15]

Tori delicacy by zootopiastories
Source [16]

So does everybody.

tumblr_o8d44mvKa71tb3zb2o1_1280 by nami-san22
Source [17]



I Year Anniversary by ajie-g-sketchbook
Source [18]

On National Donut Day, it would be remiss of us to forget this iconic scene.

Screenshot Redrawing – The Big Donut by OsakaOji
Source [19]

All right Slick, what are you up to?

The Big Donut by secoh2000
Source [20]

And finally, a little makeover that was done for a podcast featuring Nate Torrance and Rich Moore.

Randy’s Donuts with Zootopia Rename by niallshapero
Source [21]

Until next time…