Art of the Day #355: Wide World of Sports

Zootopia : Football connect us together ! by DoraemonBasil
Source [1]

Greeting aficionados of Zootopia.  Today, we’re featuring a great collection of sports-themed Zootopia fanart.  (Thanks to Chris Guara for making the suggestion)

Enjoy…and don’t forget to show the original artists some love by clicking on the source links.

Spanning Zootopia to give you the constant variety of sports. 

The thrill of victory… 

Zootopia – Judy gets a trophy (final) by malco-mart
Source [2]

….and the agony of defeat. 

Brokeleg Nick by Red Velvet Panda by Red Velvet panda
Source [3]

The mammalian drama of athletic competition…

This is ZNN’S Wide World of Sports. 


We begin with series of football-themed fanart pics, (soccer to us peasant Americans.)

Here’s Judy mixing it up with Zabivaka, the official mascot of the 2018 FIFA World Cup Tournament

Zootopia Furry Fandom Futballer by EzequielBR
Source [4]

— Art Commission: Football Passion — by Pokelai
Source [5]

Suitable for Avatar by askalin
Source [6]

Here are Nick and Gideon Grey, together with Filbert Fox, official mascot of the Leicester City Football Club

— The Year of Foxes? — by Pokelai
Source [7]

Nick as Filbert

Nick Wilde @Leicester City Premier League by @disney_uk
Source [8]

And now some pics of Judy on the basketball court.

If Judy Does Sports 1 by lsw249
Source [9]

Basketball Judy by MarthaSays
Source [10]

Tough opponent!

Cute Buns Can Jump by Myke_Greywolf
Source [11]

The respective sports of basketball and volleyball are in fact quite closely related; they were both created at more or less the same time and for the same purpose, to give college students a wintertime sport that didn’t require ice-skates.

‘Wanna Play?’ by KendallCollins
Source [12]


Buns Out by bitenotbark
Source [13]

We continue with some baseball-themed fanart.

Hey, nice save there, Judy!

If Judy Does Sports 2 by lsw249
Source [14]

Oh well, ya can’t save ;em all.

Bad Hopp by flutterrshythekind
Source [15]

Little Nick as a Little Leaguer.  Note how the artist gave his cap a quarter turn,

Little Nick plays baseball by @catasuuuu
Source [16]

And speaking of little league,,,

Fear not for Fru-Fru’s chances folks; look who’s facing her from the pitcher’s mound.

Batter Up by jusu-tengu
Source [17]

I’ve heard of slow-pitch softball…but THIS is ridiculous!

AC 2017 Sketch Viniger by ToonFX
Source [18]

Moving right along, we present a series of boxing-related pics

Judy taping up before a match,

Before the line by ZeropolariS
Source [19]

Getting ready to spar with Nick.

Judy’s cahllenge (Repost) by denslife
Source [20]

Notice that Nick is wearing a mouth-guard in this picture; another nice detail

Boxing Day by anothercolouranon
Source [21]

“Mama said knock U OUT!”

Bunnyburrow’s Brawlers by Drawing-4Ever
Source [22]

Nick won the fight on points; the judges were particularly impressed by the way he kept blocking the bear’s left hook with his right eye.

Zoolympics Boxing by Temiree
Source [23]

Chief Bogo squares off against Mayor Lionheart; my money’s on the Chief.

Bogo vs. Lionheart by @dubbawide
Source [24]

Related to boxing of course is martial arts.

Kung fu Zoo by Murlik
Source [25]

Judy Hopps – Karate Bunny by CaseyDecker
Source [26]

Next up, some images of the Zootopia gang, engaging in various other sports.

It’s surprisingly hard to find football themed Zootopia Fanart

Zootopia Childhood Speculations: Duke Weaselton by TheSkunkCat
Source [27]

Uhhhh…yeah.  Dream on there, Duke.

Duke on Wheels by Wheeler-Bertrand
Source [28]

Judy shoots da curl!

Joyride – Beach Bunny by qalcove
Source [29]

…while Clawhauser tries to shoot his weight, (which, let’s face it, isn’t setting the bar too high.)  This pic was a real find.

Clawhauser the Golfer by Studio-Toledo
Source [30]

Nick channels Bart Simpson

Nick Wilde Boards by McLaren
Source [31]

Yep….ballooning is a sport.

Balloon ride by myrza289
Source [32]

And then of course, there’s motorsports

Another Comish Done by O-ruff
Source [33]

Zootopia Speedway by meacu
Source [34]

How the heck did she ever talk him into THIS one?

Hopps and Wilde Parasail Commission by fluttershythekind
Source [35]

We continue with a trio of Winter-Sports images.

Ice Skating by TheDarkShadow10
Source [36]

“You put me down right now or Ima feed you dat stick!”

Hockey Star by vetrofroza
Source [37]

Nick, Judy, Mr. Big, Koslov, and Clawhauser taking in a biathlon competition.

Wings of Change by MachineWithSoul
Source [38]

And finally, Zootopia co-directer Byron Howard affixes his autograph to a baseball…and throws in a little something extra.

Signing a baseball by @ByronPHoward
Source [39]

Until next time…


  1. Just as a quick FYI, the trophy in pic #2 is the Lawrence O’Brien Trophy for the NBA champions.

  2. Hopps and Wilde Parasail Commission by sluttershythekind (#35) the artist is actually named Fluttershythekind.

  3. This was a nice collection of sport themes here. 🙂 It’s kind of amazing to see Nick and Judy in so many different sports as well. Great artwork from all these creators. 🙂 ~Cimar/WildeHopps

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