Art of the Day #347: Bellwether Redux

Leggy Bellwether by Borba
Source [1]

Beep! Beep! Sheeza Sheep!

Greetings, fans of Zootopia. Today’s Art of the Day focuses on Assistant Mayor Dawn Bellwether, recently voted on of the top ten Disney surprise villains on Ms. Mojo.

Like many a great screen heavy, Bellwether was a villain with a righteous grudge; Mayor Lionheart really did treat her like dirt.  Had she taken her revenge upon him alone, instead of the entire predator population of Zootopia, she might almost have been a sympathetic character (almost!).

And so without further ado, we present our newest gallery of Dawn Bellwether fanart.

Enjoy…and don’t forget to show the original artists some love by clicking on the source links.


And early concept study of Dawn Bellwether; note how she looks almost identical to her final, theatrical incarnation.  She was one of the few characters in Zootopia who remained largely unchanged through the many different versions of the film.

Bellwether Model Sheet, Concept Art  by [shiyoon Kim
Source [2]

We begin with a series of portraits and similar images of Ms. Bellwether. 

Bellwether by tonidayo
Source [3]


Bellwether by foxefuel
Source [4]

Bellwether – Chilly Night by aroselia
Source [5]

Ask Dawn and Vern (St. Patrick’s Day) by watedtimeee
Source [6]

Dawn Bellweather by grape-fat-jelly
Source [7]

Bellwether texts by めーこ
Source [8]

Bellwether Beach by Trophy-Sketcher
Source [9]

Bellwether! by pepperpkmon88
Source [10]

Dawn Bellwether by onegutsypony
Source [11]

Bellwether did nothing wrong by Tsampikos
Source [12]

Campaign poster.  Bit of a wonk, isn’t she?

A Sheepish Campaign by Saffronpanther
Source [13]

Dawn Bellwether (Disney) by yoshiknight2
Source [14]

Here’s Bellwether as her voice-artist’s character from Parks and Rec.

Parks and Rec Bellwether by briskby
Source [15]

Such a sweet lil’ ewe.

Present from Dawn by Wulfruna
Source [16]

So innocent…

Dawn the Little Angel by disneycow82
Source [17]

Pure as the driven soot…

Dying For A Smoke 3-13-19 by bluedouble
Source [18]

And now a series of images, depicting Bellwether’s relationship with her boss, Mayor Lionheart

sly lion, dumb sheep by sketh-shepherd
Source [19]

Nothing sums it up like that coffee cup…

Contemplation by wulfruna
Source [20]

Yeah, Hizzoner would double down on something like that, wouldn’t he?

Bellwether’s Easter Gift by nekorukiot
Source [21]

You couple that with the way he piles work on her…

Dawn bellwether by cryosat
Source [22]

…and it’s only a matter of time.

Aggressive Bellwether by WastedTimeEE
Source [23]

Eventually she supplanted him of course.

Mayor Bellwether in The Speech by RomainBowen
Source [24]

Everybody’s had that one co-worker who was meek as a lamb…until THEY get promoted to supervisor.

Bellwether Bugs Megan by Ruffu
Source [25]

Who says sheep can’t be predators?  (That’s Chief Bogo on the other side of the desk.)

Bellwether by playfurry
Source [26]

Bellwether ultimately got her comeuppance. (More pics of this kind can be found in our recent Jailhouse Rock Art of the Day collection.)

Bellwether by nfenik
Source [27]

Here’s a couple of pics of her in Overwatch mode

Origins McCree (Wolford) and Origins Reaper (Bellwether) by 杯具螺旋丸
Source [28]

Bellwether as Reaper by 杯具螺旋丸
Source [29]

While we’re on the subject of crossovers…

Sheep and dinosaur by winterberry132
Source [30]

“Mr. Big, you’re through;, you can dish it out, but you’re gettin’ so you just can’t take it anymore, see?”

Lady Bellwether and Her Gang – Contest Entry by Katimyst
Source [31]

Some images of Bellwether and Judy Hopps.

Can You Just Make It Easy For Me by fanartiguess
Source [32]

Judy and Bellwether as bellhops.   Bellwether, Hopps…get it?

Ohhh, never mind!

Bellhopps by fluttershythekind
Source [33]


Chess with the Assistan Mayor by sluttershythekind
Source [34]

That moment when you realize the ‘dumb bunny’ hustled you.

Zootopia – Meet the Enemy (Bellwether) by Weischede
Source [35]

And finally, here’s something you don’t see every day Chauncey, a great villain playing a baaad one.  (if you’re talking about the screen version of Green Lantern, that is)

Yellow Lantern (Dawn Bellwether) by Nightron130Prime
Source [36]

Until next time…

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  1. Bellwether by playfurry… I notice her skirt seems like a preppie cammo design. Does that mean she’s… going commando?

    Bellhopps by fluttershythekind… I laughed way more at this than I should have, considering I’m still at work… and surrounded by co-workers… and now some of them are walking the long way around my cubicle…

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