Art of the Day #349: And Now For Something Completely Different

Commission by Zanzegen – Welcome to Minsk by S-NFS
Source [1]

Every animated franchise produces its share of fan-created artwork that can only be described as ‘outside the box’. (The Bronies and Pokemon fans will know exactly what we’re talking about.)

And so today we subject you to…errrr, we present our collection of Zootopia fanart encompassing the odd, the eccentric and the just plain WEIRD.

Enjoy…and don’t forget to show the original artists some love by clicking on the source links.


We begin with a few non standard images of Judy Hopps

Bunyburrow, Bunnyburrow, not Bunny-BURGER!  Get with the program, willya?

Judy Part 1 by Seatbelt-DA
Source [2]

Wellll, you know what happens tomorrow morning, right?

“…and THEN you climbed up on the…”
“Go away Nick!”

[COMMISSION] Drunk Judy by zieglezeig
Source [3]

Channeling Harley Quinn, Carrots?

Perish by Waga
Source [4]

The Phantom Freight Train by KendallCollins
Source [5]

And now it’s Nick’s turn.

Whoa, we knew he had delusions of grandeur, but…

Jesus Nick by thatotherwhaleoil
Source [6]

Calling Nurse Feelgood

ニックとフィニック by 桃 by 桃
Source [7]

Heeeeere’s JUDY! (again.)

ZooShining – HERE IS JUDY! by nik159
Source [8]

We’ve seen feral pics of Nick and Judy before…but never quite like this.

Nick and Judy as actual animals by Yujin0623
Source [9]

Ditto for the following series of gender-swap images

weak ankles by irlsealpup
Source [10]

Undercover by jam-art
Source [11]

Who kissed Judy Hopps by 3170615
Source [12]

…which leads us to our collection of Clawhauser Curiosities

The power of the donuts! by Dadre-Amber
Source [13]

Source [14]

COMMISSION by Zanzagen – Cheetor and Clawhauser by S-NFS
Source [15]

Some images of Gazelle and Company, (mostly And Company.)

♪”Open the door
Get on the floor
Everybody walk
The Di-no-saur!”♫

Reptopia by freakyraptor
Source [16]

Every tiger wants to get into the act…

I see you staring, Pooh by darksquared
Source [17]

Simba! by wlop
Source [19]

We continue with a series of crossover images that make little or no sense at all.

Canon by kingdomblade
Source [20]

So…Let…It…Go by giganaut
Source [21]

tumblr_o6xi0gsRXe1st2atro1_1280 by kefna
Source [22]

Unknown by @uochandayo
Source [23]

tumblr_o722romMzd1ukr0yoo1_1280 by han_kpym
Source [24]

“Say ‘hello’ to my lil’ frien’!”

The mayor and her hound by TysonTan
Source [25]

Visit by LA-ndy
Source [26]

And lastly, a trio of pics that are just, ‘What the Fresh…?’

Nick and Judy vs Pecos Bill by @A_Chesworth
Source [27]

Working+undercover by diocantwin
Source [28]

What even is by Sandwich-Anomaly
Source [29]

Until next time…keep smiling!

Nom by huebris
Source [30]

Bonus Pic!

Zoolands 3 by JudyHopps44
Source [31]


  1. There are a couple amusing pieces here, but for the most part, this well deserves a “What in fresh hell…?”

  2. You know what zootopia crossover we need? Nick and Judy + the original canine and lagomorph (somewhat) lawful crime fighting duo: Sam and Max. Although to be honest I just want to see Sam explain why the freelance police are hustling random pedestrians (most likely by shooting their TAIL-lights and ticketing them for a ridiculous amount of money upfront for the said broken light. Nick would be proud) while Judy is trying to ignore Max. If I had some art skills I would write a hole comic series on this cross over.
    If it sounds like I am a fan of both duos and not putting much thought into this thing: you would be be on right.

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