Art of the Day #348

Inciting A Scurry by GreasyMojo
Source [1]

One of the best new images I’ve seen in a long time, Judy in hot pursuit of a suspect. Look at the way she’s showing her badge and the wicked grin on her face; whoever it is that she’s about to take down, I wouldn’t want to be in their shoes.

All right, all riiiight, they don’t wear shoes in Zootopia.  Fine, forget it, let’s just move on to this week’s random collection of Zootopia fanart.

Enjoy…and don’t forget to show the original artists some love by clicking on the source links

(‘They don’t WEAR shoes in Zootopia…’ grumble, grumble. nit-picking…grumble…


USA TAMA! by sasmaru-lion
Source [2]

Kabuki Nick and Judy by koichi-yabuki
Source [3]

Make it better by koichi-yabuki
Source [4]

Whatever… by koichi-yabuki
Source [5]

Hold me by koichi-yabuki
Source [6]

This way by koichi-yabuki
Source [7]

peace-head by koichi-yabuki
Source [8]

So there I was… by koichi-yabuki
Source [9]

Hey everyonw by koichi-yabuki
Source [10]

Tristeza. by Yordraw
Source [11]

Stolen shot by Frava8
Source [12]

sherlock outfit by wekeat
Source [13]

Nick being Nick by the-fire-prince
Source [14]

Kingdom Hearts Judy by x-usagei-bomb-x
Source [15]

Zootopia : Depressed by Sheep7465
Source [16]

ニックとジュディ by こよいみつき
Source [17]

ずーとぴあ! by bibico@金曜日西A71a
Source [18]

ズートピア by ぱぷりか@眼鏡 by ぱぷりか
Source [19]

ジュディとニック by べべ by べべ
Source [20]

ジュディ・ホップス by 唯一無二のてつし by 唯一無二のてつし
Source [21]

Yeah, fist bump! by こよいみつき
Source [22]


  1. Hey, now, no regrets. In Zootopia, shoes are a fashion thing. Gazelle wears them to be taller on stage. Her backup dancers are HUGE.
    Stolen shot by Frava8… Clawhauser took this one. He ships them very hard and it’s now his phone’s wallpaper. (Gazelle is still his lock screen)
    ニックとジュディ by こよいみつき… Sometimes, words just don’t say enough… or too much, if she carries a carrot-pen/recorder and can use it against you later on.

  2. So if they generally don’t wear shoes what do they sell at Hoof Locker?


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