Art of the Day #354: Zootopia – Lion King Crossover Art

LK Nick and Judy by LadyCat2000
Source [1]

Gr-r-r-reetings fans of Zootopia! Today, in honor of the opening of the new live-action Lion-King film, we present a gallery of Zootopia X Lion-King fanart. (Now you know why we switched the random and themed collections.)

Enjoy…and don’t forget to show the original artists some love by clicking on the source-links.

We begin with an image of Mufasa and Simba visiting the city.

Simba and Mufasa in Zootopia by Seanica
Source [2]

Here we have little Simba helping Nick and Judy search for clues.

Zootopia Judy, nick and simba by TamazeDesigns
Source [3]

Wel-l-l-ll, you know what they say, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

Simba and Nick by @chrisaug99
Source [4]

Just a quick sketch of young Simba, together with Nick and Judy

Lion King and Zootopia Fanart by 18Gingasoldier
Source [5]

I really like the expressions in this one.

Painting Practice Nick Wilde Simba by Jochico
Source [6]

Judy with Nala

Judy and Nala by @chrisaug99
Source [7]

Here’s she is with Shenzi.  (Used with kind permission of the artist.)

In case you’re wondering what’s going on here, this is Shenzi channeling her voice artist, Whoopi Goldberg,

Being A fandom Icon Be Like by KendallCollins
Source [8]

Simba and Mayor Lionheart together.  Notice that Hizzoner is wearing a business sit while Simba’s dressed as your average Joe Sixpack

Gatitos en el bar by Ebdian
Source [9]

Of course you can’t talk about The Lion King without mentioning Scar, one of the greatest Disney villains of all time:

Here’s a pic that imagines what might have happened if the Lion King had been set in Zootopia.

Long life the king! by MachineWithSoul
Source [10]

Scar with Nick.

Nick Scar by 剱海
Source [11]

And with Judy….
“Heh, heh…you can’t prove a thing, Officer Hopps!”

Suspect of Murder by Neon-Lady
Source [12]

A mural showing the Lion King gang, in Zootopia mode.

Lion King (Disney Zootopia Style by FairyTalesArtist
Source [13]

Here’s a threesome of images by our own Fairy Tales Artist, depicting some of the Lion Guard member as Zootopians

Besthe in Zootopia by FairyTalesArtist
Source [14]

if Disney ever does decide to create a Zootopia television series, I hope that they model it on The Lion Guard; the main characters being some of the city’s younger residents, with Nick, Judy, and the other animals from the film showing up in the occasional cameo.

Bunga in Zootopia by FairyTalesArtist
Source [15]

Fuli in Zootopia by FairyTalesArtist
Source [16]

Nick and Timon, now there’s an obvious partnership….

Timon and NICK by AFCLK
Source [17]

It could never last, though.

Nick n Timon by credens-vita
Source [18]

…especially once Judy gets involved.

A ticket by www
Source [19]

Why these two together?
Well, who was the voice of Banzai in The Lion King, and who was the voice of Yax in Zootopia?


Cheech Birthday by PinkDuskStone
Source [20]

And finally….
“Oooooo, you are SO getting muzzled for this, Slick!”

Source [21]

Until nest time…It’s called a Hakuna Mattata, Sweetheart!