Art of the Day #363: Let’s Chill

Time off by SciMunk
Source [1]

Yes it’s that time of year folks; when summer is winding down and all you want to do is just kick back and relax. In homage to that fine tradition, we present a collection of Zootopia fanart dedicated to doing nothing.

Enjoy…and don’t forget to show the original artists some love by clicking on the source-links.

Mr. Deejay, if you would kindly oblige us?


We begin with some pics of Nick and Judy taking it easy in the great outdoors.

For chilling out, it’s hard to find a better spot than underneath a shade tree.

Nick And Judy Relaxing by techecoyote98
Source [2]

A Rest Near Bunny Burrows by Drkchaos
Source [3]

…but a grassy meadow will do.

Wake up sleepyhead! by Greninjazz
Source [4]

…or a hammock.

BRB by nicholas-pwilde
Source [5]

…or really, just about anywhere, on a warm, sunny day.

Nick Wilde and Judy Hopps by TheDracoJayProduct
Source [6]

It’s a fine time to curl up with a  good book (…or even one that’s boring.)

Zootopia Fanart by TetsukiArt
Source [7]

Relaxing (Colored) by Be-wilder
Source [8]

Nick And Judy by thedarkshadow_1990
Source [9]

You know, between her hearing and his snoring, it’s a small wonder Judy’s still asleep

Una tranquila tarde de verano ❤️👌😘☀️ by gianamoreno
Source [10]

And when you’re kicking back outside, it’s an especially great time to ship.

Nick and Judy in the Field by LimeyandTheCrimp
Source [11]

We can only hope Nick doesn’t wake up and kiss the wrong animal by mistake.

Carrots good night , and good night everyone!!😴😴 by chihchiappp
Source [12]

Okay, now lets move inside for a while.

Ahhh, but it’s hard to find a better place to relax than your very own bed.

Sleep Well by yatsumo2
Source [13]

…though  a couch will serve in a pinch.

I’m Testing by Nerton
Source [14]

Uhhh, I don’t think that’s quite how it works, Nick

Sleeping after a hard day of work by thedarkshadow_1990
Source [15]

Sleeping Wilde by Skruf_Husky
Source [16]

Kicking back indoors; always better with company.

Other Affairs by iPoke
Source [17]

Rest Easy by chibilibe
Source [18]

After a tough day on the beat…it’s nice to come home to some snuggles.

Nick Judy Sleep by zigrock001
Source [19]

Play all day, which is good rest by chihchiappp
Source [20]

[Title Unknown] by chihchiappp
Source [21]

A night at rest by lukascone
Source [22]

Nap by sanjiseo
Source [23]

Nap Time Colored by Stormspike
Source [24]

“All right Slick, I know that look.  What are you up to?”

Sleepover by Kerzid
Source [25]

Despierta dormilón 😘❤️😴 by gianamoreno
Source [26]

tumblr_o72ypaHTPR1v9k6lco1_1280 by axel-ken231
Source [27]

Sleepy Cops by S1M
Source [28]

Of course, when it’s hot outside, kicking back and relaxing isn’t a cakewalk.

Hot Summer Night by @totolove35
Source [29]

And that takes us into out next series of pics, featuring some of the other Zootopia crew members taking it easy, (or trying to.)

“Now there’s something you don’t see every day, Chauncey.”
“What’s that, Edgar?”
“Finnick looking relaxed, and with a smile on his face.”

Relax! by @mortic_ox
Source [31]

“”Oh I don’t know Edgar, a lot of times you can’t even see his face a’tall.”

Time for a good nap! by fredvegerano
Source [32]

After a hard day over overseeing her evil plans, even Bellwether needs to take a breather.

Just Resting My Tired Feet by Disneycow82
Source [33]


And finally…some folks just insist on carrying this Chillin’ Out thing a mite too far.

Nick Dozes by charlenesketch
Source [34]

Until next time…here’s a bonus pic.

Can’t take my eyes off you by zigrock001
Source [35]

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