Art of the Day #351: Motorcycle Madness

Ride on Moto Nick and Judy by zigrock001
Source [1]

Vrooom! Vrooom! And welcome all you gearhead Zootopians. For today’s Art of the Day collection, we’re paying homage to the union of mammal and Motorcycle.

Although none these machines appeared in the final cut of Zootopia there was a motorbike (of sorts) slated for inclusion in the Shock Collar version of the film. (See below.)

And, as sou can see for yourself, there’ve been some great pieces of fanart featuring motorcycles created since Zootopia’s release  

Enjoy…and don’t forget to show the original artists some love by clicking on the source-links.

We open with some images of Judy Hopps astride a motorbike.

Aw c’mon Jude, you can do better than that.

Judy on motocycle by zigrock001 by zigrock001
Source [2]

Ummmm, okay…that’s overdoing it a little,

Judy Akira Cycle by www
Source [3]

THERE you go.  Ride on, moto-bunny!

Judy’s Day Off Finished by brokeguy21
Source [4]

And now here are some images of Nick on a motorcycle.

Below are a couple of concept art pieces from the Zistopia version of Zootopia–showing Nick Wilde riding through Tundratown aboard a snow-bike.

Nick on a snow-bike by Matthias lehner by Matthias Lechner
Source [5]

Evel K-Nick-Wilde!

Leap For Life by Matthias lechner
Source [6]

Personally Nick, I think a 1952 Vixen Black Lightning would have been a better choice.

Kitsunegari Cover by raiilynexx
Source [7]

Nick Rides by つーあん@創作漫画開始
Source [8]

We continue with some images of Nick and Judy riding together.  (How come HE always gets the front seat?)

Ride in the Night – Zootopia by Sprinkah
Source [9]

Sunday Morning Drive by brokeguy21-blog
Source [10]

Taking a ride by CJCO
Source [11]

Mr. amd Ms. Moto by @kabe2mugi
Source [12]

Ride On by rikuo-rikuo
Source [13]

Yes, there IS a motorcycle in the picture.  (Lower-left corner.)

Lost Chronicles by thewyvern’sweaver
Source [14]

[AP3T] Problems on the road (Chapter 32 – Cover) by ziegelzeig
Source [15]

Variation on pic number 4

Judy-Nick Mootorcycles by brokeguy21
Source [16]

Of course, being police officers, Nick and Judy are just as likely to ride for business as for pleasure.

Nick n Judy CHIPS by WeiBo
Source [17]

 The Keystone Kops got nothing on the ZPD

One Big Side Car by Brian-Lueng
Source [18]

The Need For Speed by Silverflow671
Source [19]

Now THIS is what we call a dramatic picture!

Oncoming by neytirix
Source [20]

LOL…you can almost hear what’s going on in Nick’s mind…

“Pull over…or hit the gas?”
“Pull over…or hit the gas?”
“Pull over…or hit the gas?”

Gotcha speeding, darling! by Z-Y-C by Z-Y-C
Source [21]

And now some motorcycle fanart featuring Finnick.

“Oh, there’s the problem big guy we shoulda toined left at Albuquoique.”
“Nick?  Shut UP!”

Easy Riders by @ittybittykt
Source [22]

Finnick’s Motorcycle by joaoppereiraus
Source [23]

“Nick, what the…?”
“Just walk away, Carrots…just walk away and pretend you didn’t see anything.”

Finnick’s Ride by 猫巳屋™
Source [24]

How’s ’bout a pic of Skye on a motorcycle?

Skye by yitexity
Source [25]

Well….why not; he DRIVES fast!

Sloths Just Wanna Have Fun by Koma
Source [26]

And finally…

“Look, I’m a mouse, right?”
“Uh, yeah…”
“And mice are rodents, right?”
“Well yes, that’s true, but…”
“So why would you have problem with me wanting to hang out in Little Rodentia?:

Bikertopia Sketch by Sianarain
Source [27]


Until next time, we leave you with this musical thought…