Art of the Day #359: Planes, Trains, and Automobiles

Mustang Judy by @askalin097
Source [1]

Recognize that ‘Stang folks? Sure ya do, it’s the one Steve McQueen drove in Bullitt, (the same year and model anyway.)

And with that, we present, for your consideration, a collection of Zootopia concept and fanart pieces, dedicated to the fine art of getting from one place to another.

Enjoy…and don’t forget to show the original artists some love by clicking on the source-links.

I – Planes (etc.)

Concept aircraft that never made it into the movie.  Hopefully, we’ll get to see this in the sequel.

Dragonlyer by Matthias Lechner
Source [2]

Here’s one that did make it into the movie; as matter of fact, this entire scene made it onto the movie, (sans the car-chase, that is.)

Rainforest Blimp by Matthias Lechner
Source [3]

Concept pics of the blimp and its under-truck

Rainforest Blimp Concept by jimjam-art
Source [4]

Rainforest Blimp under truck by jimjam-art
Source [5]

This one is NOT concept art–though it very well could be.

Rainforest District by monoflax
Source [6]

2 great pieces for the price of one.  That airplane is supposed to be a Spitfire, btw.

Dreaming of My Angel by The Wyvern’sWeaver
(Nose Art by Akiric)
Source [7]

All together now, folks….
♪ “Hiiiiighwayyyyy to the
danger-zone!” ♫

Slick Nick – Fox Gun by Ziegelzeig
Source [8]

This is actually a nod to a popular comic-strip character of the 30’s and 40’s, Smilin’ Jack

The Real Jack Savage by GrummanCat
Source [9]

Gotta love that retro stewardess outfit Skye is wearing.  (Yes, that’s what flight attendants were called back then.)

Coffee, Tea, Or… by 78
Source [10]

Gazelle flies the friendly skies.

Zootopian Airways (Gazelle) by FURRHEHE
Source [11]

II – Trains

Concept image of Zootopia Central Train Station, with auto traffic in the foreground

Zootopia Central by Matthias Lechner
Source [12]

More concept art — The Bunnyburrow Express, heads for Zootopia.

Leaving Bunnyburrows by Armand Serrano
Source [13]

An early concept image of Zootopia Central’s interior.  Note the rodent-size train in the upper right corner.

Zootopia Central Interior by Cory Loftis
Source [14]

Another concept pic, the dilapidated subway car that served as Doug’s Nighthowler lab.

Doug’s Lab concept by scottwatanabe
Source [15]

Uhhhh, shouldn’t she be chasing HIM?

Zootopia Train by Latex
Source [16]

Another great one; note the giraffe in the background, with his head through the top of the car,

Train Ride by monoflaxart
Source [17]

How about some retro train-art, Zootopia style?

Zootopia – Some Like It Hot by weischede
Source [18]

Nick rides the rails; note the headphone design.

Zootopia – Nick Wilde2 by doraemonbasil
Source [19]

Sharing is caring.

Try Everything by tsaoshin
Source [20]

No, I’m not exactly sure about what’s going on here, either.

Zootopia 10 by latex
Source [21]

You’d think someone would be there to meet him.

Lonely Night by brokeguy21
Source [22]

if you’re talking trains and Zootopia, you can’t forget Kendall Collins’ work.

Love Whistles (Updated Version) by KendallCollins
Source [23]

III. Automobiles

First up, a series of concept art pics, depicting some of the vehicles intended to be shown in the film, some of which were used in the film.

Case in point, the trolley at the bottom made cameo in the movie, (during the scene where Judy chased Duke Weaselton through Savanna Central.)

Trolley A by jimjam-art
Source [24]

I’ve actually driven the RL version of the truck depicted in the lower-left corner of this pic

Truck A by jimjam-art
Source [25]

TundraTwon Vehicles by jimjam-art
Source [26]

Truck G Variant by jimjam-art
Source [27]

Coupe B Variations by jimjam-art
Source [28]

Van B Variations by jimjam-art
Source [29]

Bus A Variant by jimjam-art
Source [30]

And now, on to the fanart.

Oh, lighten up already, Finnick, (and be glad that Nick can’t see this.)

Car wash fun by foxefuel
Source [31]

Skye changing tires again.  What do you suppose she has playing on that boombox int he lower-right corner?

Skye by ASKalin
Source [32]

Take a close look at Judy; she’s trying to drive while plays Dirty Hairy

SledgeHammer Nick by fanartiguess
Source [33]

Gotta have at least one pic of a ZPD Police Cruiser

Cop burnout by The_Mightiness_CrounVik
Source [34]

Sunday Morning by @mcgl618
Source [35]

Nick and Judy caught Flash, but can they catch THIS guy?

Jack Savage – Keisuke Takahashi by judyhopps44t
Source [36]

Officer by Cheetah-GT
Source [37]

And finally…Aw, c’mon, you knew something like this was coming

Weekend by Kakomicly
Source [38]

Until next time…