Comic: The Wilde-Hopps Chronicles, Part 2

New cover by PvtScott and TheWyvernsWeaver
It’s been some time since we featured PvtScott’s magnificent crime thriller of a comic, but I think it’s about time we covered more of The Wilde-Hopps Chronicles today!
When we last left off, Nick and Judy were attacked and threatened at gunpoint, faced their fear of death together, and were alerted to the existence of a group that seeks nothing more than to use Night Howlers to plunge Zootopia into chaos once again.  Now, as they enjoy a night out to a concert, this shadowy group makes their first major move.  Agent Jack Savage and Megan Fawkes make an appearance, and we get our first glimpse of the mastermind behind it all.
What will happen next?  Only one way to find out.
Catch up on the full comic over on PvtScott’s Deviantart, and get the newest pages after the break!


  1. Very good comic, drawing beautiful, exciting story. And I love the cover image !!
    This would be true even comic books. In addition, I have seen the first part in color as well. What can I say, one of my favorite Zootopia comic .

  2. This comic gets better with each update! And it's so well drawn and this one was even sharper that the first. Excellent work on the firearms too. Can't wait for the next update:)

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