Art of the Day #90- Wrapping Up the Oscars, Part 2 (MEGA Art of the Day!)

The Cast Accepts (?) by Yudukichi
Source [1]

The Best Animated Feature deserves the best fanart, doesn’t it?  Well have we got a treat for you!

We’ve got 45 absolutely amazing pieces of Oscar Art for you to enjoy, and we’re still finding even more!  So let’s all celebrate with the cast and crew!

Get your Oscars after the break!

Source [2]

by awa
Source [3]

by mortic ox
Source [4]

by Chigico
Source [5]

by Rikuta
Source [6]

by Sakuma
Source [7]

by Rikuo
Source [8]

by swetpot
Source [9]

by Anne
Source [10]

by Aoi
Source [11]

Source [12]

by yusarang
Source [13]

by sarita
Source [14]

by 明日花
Source [15]

by 苺
Source [16]

by noko
Source [17]

by Raizinn
Source [18]

by motsuko
Source [19]

by donadona
Source [20]

by 葵 晴海
Source [21]

by miso
Source [22]

by 貧血うさぎ
Source [23]

by みこと
Source [24]

by Suzuri
Source [25]

by UKA
Source [26]

by Dogear
Source [27]

by 唯一無二のてつし
Source [28]

Good Luck by David Stodolny (Disney animator who worked on both Zootopia and Moana)
Source [29]
Oscars by TheWyvernsWeaver
Source [30]
Congratulations! by Miroukitsu
Source [31]
Congratulations Disney! by Paul Briggs (Disney animation story supervisor)
Source [32]

You Deserve It by AviHistten
Source [33]

2017 Oscars by n09142
Source [34]
Who’s Ready? by nami-things
Source [35]
Zooscar Sketch by artofAM
Source [36]
Zootopia Won Best Animated Feature by CyberPikachu
Source [37]
Congratulations! by oLEEDUEOLo
Source [38]
Congrats! by Ritwell
Source [39]
Was there ever any doubt?  by Spintherella
Source [40]
Zootopia Won an OSCAR!!! by CharlotteRay
Source [41]
Oscars 2017: Nick and Judy by fra-gai
Source [42]
Oscar Night by Bomberhead67
Source [43]

Judy Accepts the Award by Artist Unknown
Source [44] on a site we’re not going to link to.

And the Winner is… by n09142
Source [45]


  1. She'd never admit it herself, but Judy looks great in a dress. Nick, on the other hand…you'd never get him to shut up about how good his suit would look (or how good the award looks in his hands).

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