Story: Inexorable

Art: Softlight289

[Drama][Suspense][Dark][Complete][Rating M16]

A gripping and intense tale set in a bleak AU where predators are top dog in Zootopia and subjugate prey to their tyrannical rule. A chance encounter brings our duo together, setting off a chain of events that will shake the city to its very core. Exciting, suspenseful, and expertly written, you’ll no doubt enjoy this fascinating story as you witness the inexorable march of a revolution willing to strike back against their oppressors and bring about immense change to Zootopia. Rated M for violence, language, and sexual references. ~DrummerMax64

Author: Sophie Ripley

Description :
Long ago, the predators rose up and took over; now, the pred army has control over Zootopia. Prey are subject to curfew and restrictive laws, the old and weak are culled for food, and the predators live the high life in City Center. Nick Wilde is an officer in the predator army’s secret police, and Judy Hopps is the leader of a rebel faction. Fate will throw them together…but can they survive?

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