Art of the Day #89- Around the World and Throughout the Multiverse!

The Cursed Crusade by ziegelzeig
Source [1]

Zootopia is more than just a city.  It’s a snapshot of an entire world.  A world which parallels ours in many ways, but which could also be very different.

So how about we take a look at some alternate versions of Nick and Judy, from Medieval Times to Steampunk, Prehistoric to Space-Age.  The possibilities are endless!

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Wilde’s manor by fogreptile
Source [2]

ZPD Travel Photos -Bogo most do not want to admit by ThankU830309
Source [3]

Zootopia X Bravely by [NOTFOUND]
Source [4]

zootopia_by_mushstone-d9sfq4a by Mushstone
Source [5]

tumblr_o6zxr4VZR81te2jjko1_1280 by chayadollomtong
Source [6]

Judy Hopps into Space Commission by felixbrownslc
Source [7]

Nick and Judy by Manual Artist search required!
Source [8]

COMMISSION – Sovereign’s War by Manual Artist search required!
Source [9]

Pilgram Judy by As1anBeasTagE
Source [10]

Galactic Hopps by Giorou
Source [11]

Dead Fox Questions by Gerardson
Source [12]

Keys I Need The Keys by CrispyTurtl3
Source [13]

TT Noire by Manual Artist search required!
Source [14]

Music by pictomancer-TypeB
Source [15]

Swedish ZPD by axelEGandersson
Source [16]

ズートピア ログ 「1」 by kazuROZEN
Source [17]

i want PHO by kittenpawprints
Source [18]

チャイナ服ニクジュディ by @mochigolo618
Source [19]

素敵タグすぎた🇩🇪 by @tumugi_topia
Source [20]

by @poki_o_o_o
Source [21]

素敵タグで衝動的に描いちゃいました。 by @onme_zoo
Source [22]

ポーランド(ウォヴィッチ)の民族衣装はメチャクチャ可愛いです!!!!! by @lutoo219
Source [23]

スイス! by @hinana0701
Source [24]

Seek 22 by sagallacci
Source [25]


  1. Love it! Unfortunately, Pilgrim Judy would have been very severely punished for dressing as a male. TT Noir…I can hear Nick sounding like Humphrey Bogart in his own PI drama, The Maltese Foxen. The smattering of World Tour costuming begs the question…Will Disney change the It's a Small World ride to foxes and bunnies?…and will it STILL drive us nutz?!

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