Story: The Long Version

Art: Frava8 [Rating K9][Romance][Family][One-shot] This is an awesome and earnest take on the ‘meeting the parents’ scenario, in which Nick is grilled by Bonnie and Stu about his shady past, the time he’s spent with Judy, and his intentions towards […]


Judy goes RACING!

Last week we posted a video from ACRacebest where he painted a car to look like Judy Hopps.  Well get ready, racing fans, because Judy is entering the Demolition Derby! And don’t worry, it’s not her on fire there, though things […]


Story: Families

Ombra Calls [Crime Drama][Suspense][Rating T13] Nick, a hit man? Who killed for the notorious Mr. Big? An unlikely premise but one that is given a gripping rendition of what would logically happen if such a past were to be unveiled […]


ZMV: Love Me Like You Do

Source Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!  It’s funny, for a movie that did NOT feature any romance between the main characters, we certainly ship them a ton.  But who can blame us, really?  It’s bound to happen sooner or later!  Their […]


Story: Date in Tundra Town

Art: Ziegelzeig [Rating K9][Romance][Humor] A story written without dialogue but tells more than enough to paint a picture in your head. A short one-shot of fluff that does everything it needs to do to melt your heart and fall in […]


Story: Head Full of Doubt

Art: Kinom [Rating T13][Hurt/Comfort][Romance][Drama] An uplifting romantic drama that features some interesting developments between our favorite fox and rabbit. After Judy is injured in the line of duty, it’s up to Nick to take care of her so that she […]