Review: Zootopia Blu Ray and DVD

What is happening everyone? It’s Fonz, Fonzi, thefonz46, or whatever you wanna call me! Who’s ready for a brand new review?

Recently a member of the ZNN Staff brought up the fact that we hadn’t reviewed the actual Blu Ray and DVD. Which… is shocking but I guess I can see why we never thought of it.

To quote AgentExeider, who pointed this out to me, “It’s said that “The darkest place is often UNDER the candlestick, and Zootopia is no exception. The one piece of merchendise we have forgotten to review, was perhaps the first one we SHOULD have reviewed.  The DVD/Blu-Ray itself.”


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Now to start off with the Disney Store BluRay and DVD combo. Comes with the basic BluRay and DVD, as well as a digital download code. “What makes this combo special?” You may ask yourself. Well if you preordered this combo you could get custom lithographs! Agent was lucky enough to get them and he was gracious enough to review them for us!

“The Zootopia Lithograph set was a pre-order item that came with the Disney Store version of the movie, the lithographs themselves come inside of a high grade paper casing that protects them from sunlight, artificial light or any UV source that could degrade/fade the image. The cover of the case is a wider angle shot version of the covert art from the Blu-ray/DVD case.

The lithographs themselves are a set of four 10″ x 14″ 100lb matte stock printed on acid free, archival paper that is Elemental Chlorine Free (ECF) (So they won’t turn yellow with age.) The characters depicted are Judy Hopps, Nick Wilde, Flash, Yax.

Each image is a frame from the movie itself and captures the dynamic and personality of the character, also known as a “hero” shot.” ~AgentExeider

The lithographs are incredible looking, and any Zootopia collector would be excited to find even one of these.

Now that Agent has given us a great review on the Disney Store combo, I’ll jump in and review the Target edition!

This is the Red Target special edition that I’ll be reviewing, which is only slightly different from the Gold Target special edition. The gold edition comes with the 3D BluRay, regular BluRay, DVD, and a Digital HD code. The red edition comes with everything but the 3D BluRay. The thing that’s great about this BluRay combo is that it comes with two digital videos!

The first is “The Actors Behind The Animals” and is about 7-8mins. Gives a great look behind the characters and voicing them. It was interesting to watch and had some great commentary from the actors!

The second video included is “The Wilde Times You Never Saw” and is 11-12min long. This was easily one of my favorite things about this collection. It goes over concept art, different scenes and characters, and just what the movie was originally supposed to be like. Such a great watch if you’re interested in concept of Zootopia!

Overall… I’d have to give the win to the Disney Store combo with the lithographs. Those are just such a wonderful collectors item for fans and would be great to be framed or showed off! The Target Exclusive was great as well, and the two videos that came with are also great for fans and definitely deserve the watch if you can manage to see them!

This has been another review by Fonz! I’ll see you all for the next one!


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