Story: Shadows in the Dark – Aftermath

Art: Quirky Middle Child

[Rating T13][Mystery][Suspense][Drama][Thriller][Complete]

Another exciting entry in the Shadow in the Dark saga, in which Nick, Judy and their friends have to thwart a diabolical terrorist plot conducted by an enigmatic individual hellbent on enacting vengeance. The action and tension run high in this thrilling work, as our heroes are embroiled in another malevolent conspiracy where not all is as it seems. With several heart-stopping moments and unpredictable twists and turns, this is a story you don’t want to miss. -DrummerMax64

Author: AgentExeider

Description :
A new threat has reared it’s head in Zootopia, a terrorist attack, but the perpetrator seems obsessed with Officer Judy Hopps. For what reason? Who is this bomber? And what is the connection to Officer Hopps? Even though we may be done with our past, sometimes our past isn’t done with us. Some sins just can’t be forgiven, and some mistakes just can’t be made right.

Zootopia: Aftermath
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