Story: A Study in Gold

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[Mystery][Victorian][Rating T13]

Nick as Holmes and Judy as Watson in a story reminiscent of Doyle’s famous detective stories? Yes please! 

Following on the heels of their previous Zootopia story, WANMWAD gives us another amazing mystery fic for us to probe into, this time in a Victorian setting. With an excellent set-up and prose befitting the era, this story is off to a great start so far! ~DrummerMax64


Description :
The year is 1881. Following an injury that ends her career as an army surgeon, Dr. Judy Hopps attempts to start a new life as a civilian in Zootopia, the largest and most powerful city the world has ever known. Her routine is interrupted, however, when she is drawn into the affairs of her flatmate, consulting detective Nicholas Wilde, and attempts with him to solve a baffling crime. Heavily inspired by the Sherlock Holmes stories, but featuring an original mystery.

A Study in Gold
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