This will be the only time ZNN ever posts on a Sunday.  But this is just a short note, which needs to be done for obvious reasons.

We will be updating this post tomorrow as we find Youtube videos of the red carpet interviews with the cast, and the acceptance speech.

Until then, Congratulations to Rich Moore, Byron Howard, Ginnifer Goodwin, Jason Bateman, and everyone else who made this achievement possible!  We’ve been rooting for this win for so long, and you all deserve it!

Scratch the Victory Toot-Toots off your bucket lists and let the party begin!


  1. Holy guacamole, I actually started crying (and laughing) uncontrollably when it was announced – had to re-watch to even hear Byron's, Rich's, and Clark's speeches, haha – this movie means a lot to me (this might sound weird, but it helped, in a big way, to remind me of what it feels like to be human – to have hope, and truly live, rather than just merely existing).

    And a massive weight feels like it was just lifted off my shoulders (I always worry because it feels like when I start rooting for something, I jinx it, haha)

    Victory toot-toot!

  2. This was well earned and I'm overjoyed it happened. Now we can look forward to new members coming to the fandom curious as to what it's all about and see the joy and love we all have for this world and its characters. More than ever, we need to continue to produce amazing content, art and fanfics for a new legion of fans of Zootopia.

  3. I was so tense, nervous, and so incredibly relieved, ecstatic, and overjoyed when the award was announced I nearly punched my screen with excitement….

  4. On the shelves crumbling from a lot of many awards. If this doesn't encourage the creators to a second part, then nothing! I heartily congratulate them deserve the Oscar! I love this universum and favorite cops duo 😉

  5. Too bad we didn't win BAFTA… we were SO CLOSE to having a clean sweep of the "heavyweights"… AFI, Golden Globe, Golden Tomato, Annies, and now Oscar.

    Disney, now the onus is on you to carry on with Zootopia's legacy. Shouldn't be a difficult decision: Zootopia is *both* critically *and* commercially acclaimed…

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