Comic Series: Zistopia

[Rated T-13] Welcome to Zootopia, where anyone can be anything! …unless you happen to be a predator.  Then you’re forced to wear a shock collar in case you go “feral”. For quite a while, that was the premise of the […]


Comic: Cadet Wilde (by Robert Fiddler)

Nick is one smooth operator.  You have to wonder how his Police Academy training went.  Some areas he’d probably excel in, like traversing the city’s different climates.  But others… well, we all have our weaknesses. Check out the full comic […]


Comic: The ‘C’ Word (by EWS)

So what’s up with Judy not wanting to be called “Cute”?  That line in the movie threw me off for a second when I first heard it. It’s such an obvious but confusing parallel to a certain real-world-word-that-starts-with-a-letter-between-M-and-O, but EWS […]


Comic Series: Ask the ZPD

There are a few things that I will admit Tumblr is good for.  One of them is the genre of blogs known as Ask Comics, where anyone can ask characters questions and the artist answers them in comic form. Ask […]


Comic: Married

Click here for full We all know that couple.  The couple who claim they’re just friends, but who act like they’ve been married for years.  The couple that’s always denying that they have feelings for each other, but everyone knows […]