Comic: Smile Dip Trip (by Quirky-middle-child)

… Oh no.  This can’t end well.  Nick, you’d probably best call an ambulance in advance.  I’ve seen what this stuff can do to someone, and it’s not pretty.

Or, well, actually it is pretty.  Very vivid and colorful.  But not necessarily in the good way.

Get your crossover of two of the best animated things to come out of Disney in recent years!  Check it out over on Quirky-Middle-Child’s tumblr, or after the break!


  1. This looks familiar, A group of teens jump a fence to an abandoned convenience store finds stuff that is banned, eat it then get high. Can't remember where it's from though

  2. To the maker of the comic, when creating Backgrounds, when it comes to things against the wall. It's always a good idea to put just a tiny bit of floor beneath the object so the objects don't look flat/floating.

    I used to have that issue a lot, So I understand.

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