Comic: Smart Judy (Original by 米克斯犬)

Yeah Nick, that is a pretty dumb move.  It’s literally in the name.  Rainforest.

Thankfully Judy always comes prepared!  …sorta.

Thanks to 米克斯犬 (Micks) for the original Chinese comic, and thanks to LMAbacus for translating and editing it! You can find the original over on Pixiv, and the translated version after the break!


  1. There's actually a lot of comics that could've been posted on this site, but the source from where I found them is despicable, of course the comics are SFW and you can find them on Tumblr or else. I'm not being racist (funny cause' racism is the opposite of Zootopia's mind lol also I'm French) but it's been a while that there's pratically only Asiatics comics on this site, don't be offended, I'm saying this because the translations may probably take more time to upload, and there's actually a lot of good english wrote comics that could've been upload, I know you can't figure out all of them of course, you can't be everywhere. And I know sometimes if you ask the artist to post his comic on your blog, it can be rejected unfortunately.
    Nitpick comment but that's my feelings. I still as always love Asiatics comics 🙂

    • Yeah, we don't search for comics on e621 or furaffinity. Narrows our options, yeah, but keeps us in safe territory.

      We also have a dozen people working on translating Asian comics, which leads to us not only having a lot of original translations (we have about 50 comics in progress at the moment), but also much better organization.

      I'll try to improve our methods of finding and featuring comics that are originally in English, though. Thanks for your feedback!

    • I get it, thanks I can also sent you comics from Tumblr in private message if you want and if you consider that it's safe 🙂

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