Comic: “Awkward Call” by Eric Schwartz [Full Comic]

[Rated T-13]

The drowsy moments when you first wake up can lead to some awkward circumstances.  I’ve never been in any situations as awkward as this though.  My awkward mornings come from when someone tries to wake me up- I’ll apparently have full conversations with them that convince them that I’m awake, but when I actually do wake up I have no memory of the conversation.

Luckily for Nick and Judy, he can think on his feet even when groggy.  The best comics incorporate both good humor and good feels, and Eric Schwartz is certainly good at both of those.  Plus he’s got a really good style to his comics that, for some reason, make me nostalgic for Calvin and Hobbes.  Must be the expressions.

Check out the full 11-page comic either on FurAffinity (can be NSFW in places- you have been warned) or after the break!

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    • I think he's not putting the link because of potential NSFW on FA even if the site removes mature or adult content classified as general content, sometimes you can see weird shit if you're not ready trust me I know what I'm talking about X)

  1. Really fun bit here. His previous bits are good too, but as Doggystail said, even with a "general" filter, there is still a lot of brain bleach worthy stuff that one could stumble onto if one went to furaffinity. Has he posted his other Zootopia stuff here yet?

    • Actually, some of the first stuff on this blog was "The 'C' Word" and "Bad Berries." They were posted so long ago they've dropped off the "archive" view.

  2. Knowing some of Eric's other works, I wasn't surprised with the amazing quality of the drawings; he was one of my favorite art styles ever! I was surprised, however, by how well he handled Nick and Judy's insecurities about their relationship. It brought a smile to my face and warmed my heart immensely. By far my favorite Zootopia comic.

  3. I deleted my former comment because I didn´t find it expressive enough. It´s not easy to find the way to praise sufficiently Mr. Schwartz´s art…He has the touch to make Judy´s and Nick´s affair, a mythic couple already by the will of fans all over the world, somethig really touching, tender, memorable. Best wishes to ZNN from Mexico.

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