Comic: Finnick’s Past (Original by Mameo)

Aww, Finnick as a kid… well he looks pretty much identical to Finnick as an adult, but he’s definitely a whole lot cuter without the attitude!

So, we know how Nick learned the lesson of “If the world’s only going to see a fox as shifty and untrustworthy, there’s no point in being anything else.”  But how did Finnick learn that lesson?  Find out in this bittersweet comic.

Many thanks to Mameo (@pugpugkotsubu1) for making the original comic, and thanks also to LMAbacus for translating and gfcwfzkm for editing!

Check out the original comic over on Pixiv, and the translated version either on Deviantart, Tumblr, or after the break!  And remember, read from right to left!

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