Comic: Mrs. Otterton Worries About the Future (Original by Hasegawa Shigurio)

You know, I wonder if Mrs. Otterton was aware of her husband’s activities.  I mean, he’s lived a very interesting and unusual lifestyle.  He’s a practitioner of nude yoga, he is a personal friend of a mafia boss, and throughout all that, he still holds down a day job as a florist and is a loving father of two.  I like to imagine that she did know, and was supportive of him in these activities, but it’s never actually made clear.

Well, if she didn’t know before the whole night howler mess, she certainly does now.  Thanks to Hasegawa Shigurio (長谷川シグリオ) for making the original comic, and thanks to LMAbacus and gfcwfzkm for translating and editing it into English.  You can find more of the artist’s original works on pixiv and twitter (@sigmarion).

Check out the original comic over on Pixiv, or get the translated version after the break!  Again, read it from right-to-left.


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