Comic: Nick and Judy Drink (Original by Meno)


[Rated M-16 for Alcohol.  But you still need to be 21 (in the US) to even consider it, so don’t.]

Personally, I do not drink.  Not only is it a matter of faith for me, but I agree with nick in this image.  Self-control is definitely preferable to drunkenness in my book.  Not that there isn’t money to be made by being the designated driver at parties.

However, since I know many of you do drink, you may enjoy this comic more than I do.  Besides, there are already plenty of “nick and judy get drunk” style comics out there.

Thanks to Meno (@lut00219) for the original comic, and thanks to LMAbacus for translating and gfcwfzkm for editing.  Check out the original over on Twitter, and the translated version after the break! Remember, read it from right to left.


  1. Love the comic 🙂 So it's almost universally accepted that when Nick uses Judy's given name, he's very serious, right?

    Andy, hats off to you for not drinking alcohol and not being too shy to tell people!! I also refuse to consume anything alcoholic, but mainly because I'm a control freak…and my cousin committed suicide while drunk…and I used to work at a boutique hotel where we'd cater up to 5 wedding a weekend which led me to the brilliant conclusion that people and large amounts of alcohol simply don't mix well….

    OK, I'll get off my little soap box now.


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